He Stands On a Wall

Guys, seriously, the narcissism:

The reasons for Obama’s decline in popularity in the Muslim
world could find their origins in any number of perceptions. Perhaps he
lost approbation with his orders for more troops in Afghanistan and the
ongoing American military presence in the land of the Taliban.

It is also possible that Obama is seen by Muslims as weak and
ineffective, even untrustworthy given his failure to close Guantanamo
Bay in spite of his vociferous promises to do so.

Furthermore, given that nothing substantive has changed in
America’s dealings with Iran or with Israel, Obama again looks
ineffective to those who believed the hype about his providing new
relations with the Middle East.

However, a recent news story should give Americans hope that
the Muslim world may well have a new reason not to like President
Obama. As a regular sentry regarding the threat that the Islamic
worldview poses to the core Western values of freedom of religion and
freedom of speech, I am grateful.

Yes. A regular sentry regarding the threat from your fucking Barcalounger. Thank God you and your JAG reruns are there to keep us safe from … stuff.

You know, you get intimately acquainted with these fucknuts reading right-wing stupidity, and what drives me nuts about them is that they’re looking to be heroes, but only in one specific way: Saving the world when the Zombie Apocalypse occurs and they can be kings in their ammo-stockpiled, Soldier of Fortune-outfitted fantasy world and every girl that ever turned them down for a date will be swooning all over them because where once they wereHerbert Korfeld, now they are King Herbert the First.

I get the wish fulfillment aspect, I do. Plenty of people want to be important. Everybody wants to matter. But if you long to be a hero, there are about a hundred thousand ways you can do that, starting by picking up litter in the neighborhood or teaching some schoolchildren to read.

But that wouldn’t be as big and brave as being a Sentry on the Right Wing Blog Wall, now would it? After all, we’ve learned from Jerry Bruckheimer movies that you’re only really a big man if something’s exploding.

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6 thoughts on “He Stands On a Wall

  1. I’m just finishing up reviewing“A History of Islam in America” by Kambiz GhaneaBassiri (2010, Cambridge University Press). Did you know that President Dwight “The Mullah of Abilene” Eisenhower took his shoes off when he participated in the dedication of the Islamic Center of Washington in 1957? The Chicago Daily Tribune headline was “Shoeless Ike Dedicates Islam Center” although the content of the day was that we were buddies with our Muslim friends in oil-bearing nations. I can only imagine the kind of freakout Obama would face in the same situation.
    Then again, this whole thing about how the US/Obama is “seen by” Islam or anyone else was the impetus behind the LOOKSTRONG bracelet I gave you at the Atrios thing two years ago, A.

  2. The narcissism…and the bed wetting. I can’t imagine the sort of issues these people must have had, um, I was going to say must have had growing up…but they never grew up.
    Saturday morning cartoons have more nuance.

  3. Ya know, not even Jesus claimed to be the lone person standding between you and all the evils in the world.

  4. Way too many viewings of “Red Dawn,” methinks.
    Honestly, this is very much in character–the far right lives in a fantasy world, and this is just an expression of that delusion. Absolutely correct about apocalyptic thinking, where, in a crisis, these bozos think women need knights in shining armor and start kissing any old toad that comes along, out of desperation, and, of course, this guy is really, really hoping that relations with the Muslim world will get worse, making the apocalypse that much more likely.
    The quickest way to shut down this moron would be to hand him a uniform, a helmet and a rifle and tell him, “have at `em, shit-fer-brains.”

  5. y’know, watching the 2nd half of last night’s season-opener of Leverage, I can see this guy as the head of the tech firm who, even tho he graduated in ’85, is still trying to get among the kewl kids in his high school.
    I read SoF, some, too, btw.
    Some day I’ll write that fiction about the ex-USAF sergeant who sneaks off into the AfPak hills with a “deaf-mute” sign on her burqa and a GAU-5 under it, and ends up richer than Croesus for bringing Osama back to the Hague.

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