Weekend Question Thread: Unpopular Culture Edition

On Twilight:

When will this end?

No, seriously, I’m asking you for the time
and date at which it will end. I’m looking into having myself
cryogenically frozen until the moment when I don’t have to hear about
whether or not that kid who washes his hair with KFC Double Downs is
still dating Slumpy McDeadeyes.

What’s your pop culture peeve right now?


26 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread: Unpopular Culture Edition

  1. As someone who has always been a fan of vampire movies, I despise Twilight. The again, I’m crazy enough to think that Christopher Lee(AKA The Coolest Man Alive)could pull off Dracula one last time.

  2. Commercial TV? plus all the acquisition/lifestyle porn on PBS? Or am I aiming too high?

  3. God damn the people who came up with most of the shows on Qubo. That channel makes Nickelodeon look like Masterpiece Theatre. It is also the repository for all those old commercials for mail order crapola and for horrors like Cash4Gold.
    The remote for our TV died and I can’t find a replacement or a universal that works for it (I think our TV, at eight years of age, is too damn old), so we can’t play DVDs right now, which would be a nice reprieve from all that cartoon swill, but eventually, even the kiddo himself can’t stand it and turns it off…and then goes for something like the vuvuzela we got off a float at Mardi Gras. Oh, crap…where’s the TV’s “on” button again?

  4. A tie between Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Somewhere Real People Couldn’t Afford to Live” and MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” I’m so old I remember when MTV played music videos and when you actually had to do something worthwhile to get on television.

  5. I’m so old I remember when MTV played music videos and when you actually had to do something worthwhile to get on television.
    That’s just crazy talk.
    But as to the question at hand, I don’t think I’ve watched a drama on commercial television in a decade.
    It’s all bloody murders, serial killers and rapists, all shot in that hideous blue-brown-grey palette that’s supposed to signify “suspense”.
    Yeah, that’s what I want to relax to when I come home from work.

  6. The CSI franchise. I watched the original and Miami once and they’re terrible and terribly unrealistic. And not in an entertaining way. Because of them juries now expect high tech wizardy to be used on all cases and on most it ain’t needed.

  7. Jeeze, it’s a frakkin’ movie franchise based on books – OOOOH! So new and crazy??? NOT. C’mon, too bad blogging wasn’t around for Freddy and Halloween’s ad nauseum offerings.
    No one’s forcing anyone to go and unless your remote is busted – change the channel from the ads.
    I think there are BIGGER problems of life afoot than fretting over the press events of fictional sparkly vamps and a spootie teenager who loves them.
    I hate Lady Gaga. But then I eschew most non-LOLcat-attached events of baby talk. But y’know – I click away from that stuff, it’s pretty easy. I can’t stand any and all of the Kardashians.
    When it comes to the tabloids – well, y’know – here’s how I handle it – it’s pretty radical: I.Don’t.Buy.Them AND I.Don’t.Read.Them.

  8. Pretty much any kidult franchise – Transformers comes to mind. A nine-figure movie based on a plastic toy? Can we all agree to put away the kiddie stuff when we’re (and I’m being generous here) 25?
    Real Housewives. Real World. Jersey Shore. I know what they are but I’ve never seen ’em.
    And I’ve heard of The Hills, but I don’t know if it’s a reality show or a series.

  9. I’d like Nicholas Cage in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice to end and it hasn’t been released yet.

  10. I’ve got to admit, the whole Twi-Hard thing gets on my nervers. First, by casting werewolves and vampires as a boy-band, they steal the very things that make them archtypes in the first place. Essentially, they’ve killed off the vampire myth.
    Then I go into BK. I go there to get a quick, passable meal without effort on my part. Now they’re running a promo and I have to work to figure out which team I’m on. And the whole “Team George” concept seems a return to one of the parts I hated about the cliques in High School.

  11. What’s your pop culture peeve right now?
    Ah, well, most of it.
    But, it could get worse. HBO could do a 68-part series on the “Left Behind” books…

  12. Or, even worse. NBC could do a 12-part remake ofThe Three Amigos, starring John McCain, Huckleberry Graham and Joe Lieberman…

  13. Montag, theLeft Behind movies are a complete hoot. Seriously. They’re the fundamentalist Christian version ofShowgirls.
    Even better isTribulation, which is the same sort of Antichrist-among-us story, except with Gary Busey, Margot Kidder and (yes) Howie Mandel in a black wig and dramatic role. A number of real-life televangelists play themselves in this one, including Jack and Rexella Van Impe. It’s heaven by way of hell.

  14. What’s your pop culture peeve right now?
    Now? Do I have to make it “now” or can I go with “forever”? Because I have a strong personal gripe extending back a long time (think “Seinfeld” and the fact that I never watched it) with certain supposed cultural touchstones that show up on the TV screen. I am and for three decades have been gainfully employed, but I have never seen a reason to shell out good money for cable Premium Channels or pay-per-view (anything I care to see will show up on the DVD rental aisle soon enough). My peeve is that, because I refuse to shell out otherwise useless money in order to be on the leading edge of some wave that really doesn’t matter (“The Soprano’s” or “The Wire” or “Six Feet Under” or whatever is the passion object of the moment for far too many people), I am not sufficiently culturally literate to engage in useless water cooler confabs about‘what happened last night’ andthat is somehow a measure of my worth…
    That’s my peeve…

  15. You know, if people talking about silly stuff on the internet is pissing you off that badly, perhaps it’s time to take a step back for a while.

  16. CSI and all its spin-offs: Having worked in forensic toxicology, I can only say that it’s pure comedy – tox reports in 20 minutes, even before the autopsy begins, seriously bad lab lighting, and cleavage. Sometimes I need Depends to watch it.
    Twitter: Twatter
    Texting: incredibly rude

    Oh, and I really don’t like fratty rap-metal, but that situation seems to have more or less resolved itself.

  18. Shaved heads on young men. I was over it in the 80’s and the youngsters are still doing it today. C’mon, Michael Jordan started it because he was balding! It’s one thing if you’re in the military and it’s REQUIRED, but why if you’re not!?!

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