Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “Strange fruit” edition

p>Good Monday morning, everyone! Well, the Freeperati are forever calling for a Second Amendment solution to the issue of the disenfranchised old white male. Take the country back(tm), treason, revolution, secession, yada, yada, yada and also, yada.

But just let one old white guyacton their collective fantasy?

“We don’t know nothin about birthin’(heh) no armed revolution! Those guys who take all that stuff literally are teh crazy!”

So – let’s get suited up and kick a few drums of Free Republic talk-the-talk over and see what spills out, shall we?

First up –You guys are acting like this was a BAD thing!‏

facing gun charges Georgia militiaman said he wanted to seize Sweetwater
TN ^

| 06/11/2010

Posted onFriday, June 11, 2010 6:03:16
byThe Magical Mischief Tour

Armed to the gills, this Georgia militiaman declared himself ready to
die for the cause – vowing to seize control of the tiny town of
Sweetwater and round up the traitors blocking the indictment of
President Barack Obama for his treasonous turn as commander-in-chief.

was a plan Darren Wesley Huff revealed over and over again to a slew of
people, from a bank manager in his hometown to the FBI to Tennessee
Highway Patrol troopers to a talk-radio audience.

Thanks in large
part to his public confessions, Huff faces his own indictment on
federal charges of ferrying guns and ammunition across state lines with
the purpose of inciting riotous violence.

posted onFriday, June 11, 2010 6:03:16 AM
byThe Magical Mischief Tour

OK, Freepers! This is what you’ve been wanting to see, and assembling your bug-out kits full of gold, ammo, MREs, and hermetically-sealed PVC tubes of seeds that won’t grow, in preparation for! It’s revolution, baby! Time to go all WOLVERINES on this corrupt Administration!Come ON!!Who’s with me??????

p>To: The Magical Mischief Tour

Weren’t me.

posted onFriday, June 11, 2010 6:08:28 AM

Well, considering that this Freeper-wannabe is currently residingunder the jail, we already had that figured out, “vigilantcitizen”.

By the way, does the handle “vigilantcitizen” mean that you justwatch while othersdo, or that you spend the majority of your waking hours peeping out from behind the living room curtains?

To: The Magical Mischief Tour

“Huff faces his own indictment on federal charges of ferrying
guns and ammunition across state lines with the purpose of inciting
riotous violence.”

There is actually a law that says that?

posted onFriday, June 11, 2010 6:10:34 AM
(America held hostage – day 393)

No, there’stwolaws that say that..

Title 18, U.S.C. Section 2101(a) – Riots

Title 18, U.S.C. Section 231
(a) Transporting in Commerce a Firearm in furtherance of a Civil

Asked,. and – oh, shut up, Kibitzer.

To: The Magical Mischief Tour

The guy sounds like a nut.

posted onFriday, June 11, 2010 6:10:41 AM
(Obama: Home of the Whopper)

Actually, except for the part about actually doing something you guys just talk about, he sounds pretty much like everyone on Free Republic.

To: caver

Did you notice that the story managed to get “birther”, “right
wing”, and “militia” all in one sentence?

posted onFriday, June 11, 2010 6:12:33 AM
(America held hostage – day 393)

That’s nothing – you wackos managed to get them all on one website.

Certainly, one Freeper will stand up for this Patriot (patent applied for), who certainly must have been framed by the Eeevil Obummer Administration?

To: caver

Mr. Huff is being framed. He was in Madisonville Tn. to show
support for cmdr. Fitzpatrick who has for some time been in a dispute
with the local court and grand jury
concerning his charges against obama for treason.THE MAN IS A PREACHER

posted onFriday, June 11, 2010 6:18:38 AM


To: manonCANAL

So is Fred Phelps.

posted onFriday, June 11, 2010 6:20:53 AM
(Remember the River Raisin! (look it up))


And of course, there’s always denial…

To: cripplecreek

If you believe anything in a newspaper nowadays you are nuts

posted onFriday, June 11, 2010 6:22:38 AM

p>Well, certainly since Athenae single-handedly destroyed Journalism…

To: RaceBannon

Not a bit surprised. There will be many more stories like this

Not any aboutme, of course..

because there are those who would stand up against tyranny using
more than just a keyboard.

He says, from behind a keyboard.

posted onFriday, June 11, 2010 6:32:44 AM
byMich Patriot
(Man is not free unless government is limited.)

I think you just called yourself a coward.

To: Repeal The 17th
Darren Wesley Huff (to see picture, look up ‘idiot’ in the

The only thing that I read in this article that would make me
think he is an idiot is that he went around flapping his gums about his
. If you’re going to do something, just do it. Don’t talk about
doing it to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

posted onFriday, June 11, 2010 6:36:26 AM

The only thing that I read in your post that would make me think you’re an idiot is…well…everything.

To: manonCANAL

Everyone on FR likes to talk tough about what they are going to
do but when someone actually tries to do something they call him a nut. A
lot of keyboard commandos around here.

posted onFriday, June 11, 2010 6:47:29 AM
(January 20, 2013. When Obama becomes just a skidmark on the panties of
American history.)


To: beckysueb
Whats your problem?

Do you approve of what this crazy chappy did?

posted onFriday, June 11, 2010 7:04:35 AM
(Waiting for the boom…)

div class=”a2″>To: Lobsterback

I don’t approve of violence but it is going to take more than
sign carrying and flag waving to take back this country. I was only
pointing out that many of the posts here on FR are all about doing
something, civil disobedience, blah blah blah.Lots of bravado from
behind the keyboard. You haven’t been around here long enough to

posted onFriday, June 11, 2010 7:08:25 AM
(January 20, 2013. When Obama becomes just a skidmark on the panties of
American history.)

Yeah – the insanity has to simmer in the heat of hatred until it reaches a thick reduction of stupid.

To: Lobsterback

One more little tidbit.Don’t believe everything you read in the
papers. It is usually tilted very far to the left. They can make this
“chappy” sound much worse than he actually is.
Look how they define the
Tea Party movement. A bunch of racist radicals who shouted racial slurs
at some guy. Only problem is it didn’t happen.

posted onFriday, June 11, 2010 7:12:24 AM
(January 20, 2013. When Obama becomes just a skidmark on the panties of
American history.)

Yeah – how could you makethis look bad, anyway?

It all started last year when Fitzpatrick, a retired military man
whose beef with the government goes back two decades when he faced a
court-martial, tried to get a Monroe County grand jury to indict Obama
for treason. The grounds? Obama, Fitzpatrick contended, was not really
born in the U.S.

When the grand jury refused to consider the case, Fitzpatrick began
issuing a series of “complaints,” naming some two dozen federal, state
and local officials, all of whom he accused of misconduct for failing to
arrest, charge or remove the president from office.

He and fellow “birthers” showed up in early April at the Monroe
County Courthouse to begin effecting his own “citizen’s arrests” when,
according to the FBI complaint, he wound up arrested instead on charges
that include inciting a riot.

The FBI alleges Huff, a Dalton, Ga., man who claims membership in a
militia, decided to join Fitzpatrick’s cause and told anyone who would
listen – including FBI agents – that he and fellow militiamen intended
to show up at Fitzpatrick’s April 20 preliminary hearing to seize the
town if necessary to free Fitzpatrick and help him carry out his
citizen’s arrests.

Huff traveled from Georgia to Sweetwater with a gun on his hip, two
more handguns and an AK-47 assault rifle in his truck, the complaint
states. When a state trooper stopped it on traffic violations, Huff, who
had a concealed carry permit, again detailed the plan, Van Balen wrote.

“Huff said he was ready to die for his rights,” the agent wrote.
“Huff (said) that if necessary, they would come back and have a lot more
armed people to take over the courthouse and effect all the arrests.”

When Huff and an estimated 20 others actually showed up at the
courthouse, they were vastly outnumbered by law enforcers from federal,
state and local agencies, the complaint stated. The courthouse had been
effectively shut down, with workers told to stay home, and Fitzpatrick’s
hearing cancelled. Still, the agent wrote, Huff and others prowled the
streets with guns visible.

The FBI, which had been tracking Huff throughout his travels, waited
until Huff described his actions on a talk radio show and then arrested
him on charges of carrying firearms across the state lines with the
intent to incite a riot.Huff is free under terms of house arrest.

You see, he’s under…WHAAAA????


Fer chrissakes. This cane toad isn’t in jail??


To: muddler


posted onFriday, June 11, 2010 6:27:13 AM

Colour me surprised.

And – best comment in the thread!


To: The Magical Mischief Tour

Did he at least manage to seize control of a beer hall?

posted onFriday, June 11, 2010 6:43:14 AM
byKen H

More strange fruit after the expiration date…

And now – time to drag on old feature out of retirement and dust it off..

Quietest thread of the week!‏

Hacker accused of Biden threat also targeted Pawlenty, MN senator ^

| 6/24/10
| Paul Walsh

Posted onThursday, June 24, 2010
12:56:24 PM

Child pornography charges were added Thursday to the allegations
against a Blaine man who is accused of pilfering the identity of a
neighbor and e-mailing a death threat to Vice President Joe Biden.

new federal indictment also says that the threat sent by Barry Ardolf
went not only to Biden, but also to Gov. Tim Pawlenty and one of
Minnesota’s U.S. senators. The document did not say which senator — Amy
Klobuchar or Al Franken — was targeted.

Last week in federal
court in St. Paul, Ardolf, 45, reversed his intention to plead guilty,
professing his innocence.

Seamus Mahoney, the attorney Ardolf
hired after recently firing his previous lawyer, said that his client
“doesn’t want to go to jail for something he didn’t do.”

child porn charges are tied to e-mails that Ardolf allegedly sent to
three co-workers of his neighbor after pirating the neighbor’s identity.

posted onThursday, June 24, 2010 12:56:34 PM

Well? Isn’t anybody going to talk about how it would be a good idea, only you shouldn’t talk about it?

To: NorthWoody; Manic_Episode; mikethevike; coder2;
AmericanChef; Reaganesque; ER Doc; lesser_satan; …




posted onThursday, June 24, 2010 1:16:01 PM
(Don’t Be Stupak!)


p>End. Of. Thread.

And now – The SECOND quietest thread of the week!‏!

A year
after public downfall, SC governor thrives.

The State ^

| Friday, Jun. 25, 2010
| Jim Davenport

Posted onFriday, June 25, 2010 2:34:33

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The governor who became the butt of late-night jokes
for “hiking the Appalachian Trail” may be having the last laugh.

year after South Carolina’s Mark Sanford tearfully confessed an
extramarital affair, the Republican has won a major state budget victory
and seen his hand-chosen candidate nominated to succeed him. He’s even
won standing ovations from Republicans who months ago called for his

“There are any number of different levels of
ironies,” Sanford allowed earlier this week at a Republican breakfast to
recognize the party’s slate of candidates in November.

There’s just a possiblity he’s not finished public service.

posted onFriday, June 25, 2010 2:34:36 PM

…said the actress to the Bishop…


Disagree. Sanford is still considered a joke in South Carolina.At a
meeting in Charleston only a few months ago, the band spontaneously
started playing “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.”


The crowd guffawed.
Sanford was not amused.

Haley won because of Sarah Palin’s
endorsement and not because of Mark Sanford’s, though his ex wife’s
endorsement probably also helped.

posted onFriday, June 25, 2010 2:41:24 PM


To: Virginia Ridgerunner

He’ll never be able to run away from that bumbling and
embarrassing apology he delivered after getting exposed as a liar and

That’s because he is a
Republican, had he been a Demwho lied about the environment and screwed
around on his wife,

p>he would only get a days coverage on page 26 under
the classified adds.

posted onFriday, June 25, 2010 2:44:31 PM

OK – what else do we have?

Ah – it’s:The enema inside!‏

Party fields questionable candidates – and takes flak for it

Orlando Sentinel ^

| 06/21/10
| Aaron Deslatte

Posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010
11:42:34 AM

Christopher Crawford is a 22-year-old from Orlando whose only
reported assets are a 1991 Acura worth $2,000 and an IKEA couch. But as
of last week, he’s a Tea Party candidate for a Florida Senate seat 400
miles away.

Stephen Taylor, 23, is a part-time Tallahassee bank
teller who filed to run on the Tea Party ticket for a House District 11
seat 80 miles away in Suwannee County. “I said ‘Do you know what’s
involved in these things?” recalls his father … “He doesn’t know
anything about Suwannee County.”

Tea Party organizers announced
last Friday they had fielded 20 candidates in state races to punish
incumbent Republicans who had voted in favor of Central Florida’s
commuter-rail project, or were “big spenders.”

But by Monday,
organizers were complaining of GOP retaliation. And Tea Party advocate
and political consultant Doug Guetzloe was removed from the Orlando
radio station where he’s bought time for a five-day-a-week talk show.

candidates are young, don’t appear to have many assets or full-time
jobs and materialized for the first time in the final hours before the
end of qualifying last Friday. At least seven of the 20 appear to live
outside the district they are running for.

Darin Dunmire, 35, is a
pilot who works in India and owns a home in Kentucky. But he lists his
legal residence as the same Orlando address as his mother, Peggy
Dunmire, who is running for the U.S. House as a Tea Party candidate.

Foley, 24, is O’Neal’s son, who said he and Crawford talked about
running for office when they enrolled at the University of Central
Florida. Foley is listed as Crawford’s campaign treasurer.

they don’t appear to have plans to contact voters. “Contact voters? I
don’t even know what that means,” Foley said Monday.


Have a feeling there is a lot more to this story.

posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010 11:42:40 AM

p>To: ilovesarah2012

This all sounds like the ticket in Connecticut. The GOP here will
take in anyone for any reason.

It’s full of drunk frat boys and criminally charged buffoons.



RINOs, each and everyone of em. Most of these guys were ass-kicked
when they ran for as a dem (Typical party slogan? No more Bush.)

posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010 11:50:13 AM


To: ilovesarah2012

“Is this to make the Tea Party look bad? I am not sure what to
make of it. But after Alvin Greene in SC, I guess anything is possible. “

From the article sounds like some DUmmies in the mix…

posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010 12:20:37 PM

See?? I toldja! We must immediately give the GOP the high colonic of teabaggery and rinse well afterward with the soapy water of dimwttitude. Only then will the RNC stop snickering up its sleeve at the idea of disorganized nutcases like them running anything, much less a country.

The reality is the Tea Party as we know it will cease to exist within an
election cycle. Its ideas won’t go away, but most of its leaders will.
That’s because most self-appointed leaders in this world simply don’t
know how to win. Mark my words: Without proper experienced guidance theywill
fuck it up. Rallies don’t win elections—votes do. Their egos are
writing checks their organizations will never cash.

p>Well, what other strange fruit is growing in Jim Robinson’s online colostomy bag?

You get
what you deserve vanity (This is so lame that the title will not be

| Today
| Me

Posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010
7:46:44 PM

Jim Rob gets what he deserves…

Crappy response time on
servers because he shut down those who would dare to question Bush and
the epic failure that he was…

I got hosed because I dared
pointing out Bush was an epic failure…sorry DAD…I didn’t toe the

Free Republic used to be something else…it actually stood
for something…


“In fact, it stood for PLENTY!”

Now this is just an echo chamber…

damn bad…this from the guy that spent thousands of dollars on Sore
Loserman signs, stickers and FR donations… and pushed that…the guy
who pushed back tons of dollars to FR…

Now FR is slowly
drifting into nothingness…

Happy now Jim…? happy you you cut
the meat our of the movement?

Better than cutting the movement out of your meat…

Enjoy your trip downhill to

What a sad state of affairs…

Viva Ace and
the Jawa’s…

At least they have the temerity of conviction

posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010 7:46:47 PM

div class=”a2″>p>To: Jemian

It always cracks me up that these self important clowns always
think they’re some kind of vast loss to the forum. In reality, few of us
remember them 20 minutes later.

Or, for that matter, remember our own names.

posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010 7:55:36 PM
(Remember the River Raisin! (look it up))

p>To: cripplecreek

The funny part is, they usually think they are banned for being
anti-Bush, or some such nonsense . . . and if you care to dig deeper,
you discover they’ve been banned for linking to a porn site or

posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010 8:00:40 PM


To: oneway

Say whatever you want about FR. I have found it to be THE BEST
source of news on the internet.Jon Voight was on Hannity today talking
about a WND article where Hussein admitted to an Egyptian official that
he was a moslem.
It was the first Hannity had heard about it.


This story
was posted on FR days ago.

posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010 8:03:52 PM
byFormer Proud Canadian
(How do I change my screen name now that we have the most conservative
government in the world?)


Best post of the thread!


To: oneway

Since you have been gone since 2004, you must not know JimRob is
just a figurehead. The REAL POWER behind the throne is Jim Thompson.

posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010 8:23:37 PM
byProtect the Bill of Rights

Hold the rimshots!

Next –Erick the Red trolls FR!‏

(by proxy)

Where I Shouldn’t. Saying What I Shouldn’t.(Red State on Conservatives
vs Statists)

Red State ^

| Wednesday, June 23rd at 10:39AM EDT
| Erick Erickson

Posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010
10:04:42 AM

In victory one is supposed to be magnanimous — a polysyllabic word
for not being a sore winner.

The race in Utah, the attacks on Jim
DeMint, the other problematic issues behind the scenes, etc. test the
limits of magnanimity.

I am going to go where I shouldn’t go and
say what I shouldn’t say.

The word for today is –


Some of you are really, really not
going to like it.

The race in Utah is the ultimate battle between
those who are Republicans first and those who are conservatives first.
The potential of a Democrat win is so minuscule that the center-right
coalition can have the fight it must have.

Establishment oriented
groups who got fat and happy with years of Republican dominance in
Washington wanted a return to the status quo ante. They did not want to
reform. They did not want to cut back.

For a number of years
people like Bob Bennett and Tim Bridgewater helped blur the lines
between the Democrats and Republicans. Pro-life statists, except when
they weren’t pro-life, they lived off the government teet, misdirected
and abused taxpayer dollars, and drove up the size of government to
uncontrollable levels.

But it was okay, because they have an R
next to their name.

And a working barbecue grill next to their patios.

And with them are Republican consultants who
also have R’s next to their names and who care about nothing but the
acquisition of power and consulting fees. These are the people who can
give you trite explanations about what the difference between a Democrat
and a Republican is, but at the end of the day, for them, it really
boils down to kissing the tax payer after screwing them instead of just

When Bob Bennett knew he was going to lose — and
contrary to what you may have heard, Bob Bennett knew before the Utah
Convention he was going to lose — his campaign and Bridgewater’s
campaigns collaborated and set about destroying Mike Lee.

unleashed the crazy that is Cherilyn Eager and drummed up bull stories
to vilify people like Jim DeMint. The desperate act of trying to cling
to power drove them over the edge.

In so doing, they decided to
poison the well against Jim DeMint. This morning as the sun rises in
Utah, Bridgewater supporters are getting up and cussing Jim DeMint, a
man who did absolutely nothing but say nice things about Mike Lee. But
don’t tell Bridgewater supporters that. Despite no evidence, they

So what’s the point of all of this?Why am I going here
and scratching open wounds? It’s simple:

I’m a masochist.

The people we fight on
our side are not always our friends and are sometimes more our enemies
than the left. Why? Because we know where the left stands. We know they
oppose us. But these others — they pretend to be on our team and work
quietly, sometimes with the left, to undermine conservatives and

The people we fought in Utah — not Bridgewater directly
but the interests behind the scenes who helped him, funded him, and
attacked people like Jim DeMint — would burn our fields and drive us
from our homes in the old days. They would show us no mercy because they
think we, perversely, are out to destroy the GOP by denying them the
right to get back in charge of the American Treasury.

And stop people from calling us greedy money-grubbers.

So we must
do to them what they would do to us and show no mercy. But we must pick
our battles carefully and with wisdom. Sometimes, like it or not, we
must fight on the same side with them.

Right before we:


But that is why I hope
Mike Lee pursues, to the fullest extent, the FEC complaint against Tim
Stewart and the anonymous mailer.

If we keep giving these people a
pass they will keep working to undermine us. The fight for freedom
means we must discern who really is with us.

You may not like
that. But it is the truth.

posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010 10:04:46 AM

Time for one more…

Uh oh.Old Navy just blocked Free Republic?‏

like Bambi is serious about getting “his” troops in order…


Posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010
3:48:23 PM

…Navy son just texted me and let me know that the Navy just
“blocked” Free Republic..

…and so it has begun…

posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010 3:48:27 PM

Such perfidy! Such chutzpah! Taxpayers should be forcedto cough up the dough for bandwidth to carry whacko websites!


To: cyberaxe

Must have been his command. FR works on NMCI where I’m at. Maybe
it’s because of BW usage issues. There is limited BW on NMCI.

posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010 3:51:09 PM
(Everything happens as God wants it to…otherwise, things would be

Oh. Never mind, then.

To: cyberaxe

next they will be banning your texts to your son

posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010 3:51:37 PM
byHoward Morrison
(Response to Ann Uchtman)

OMGLULZ did you see what obummer did today hes distroying america with his moslim commonist socalist agender and his wife looks like a gorril..


To: cyberaxe

FUBO and all your ilk!

posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010 3:55:28 PM
(Professional Politicians are a Threat to the Republic! Remove them on


To: cyberaxe

posting from a Navy/NMCI computer right now. As another
mentioned, it might just be his command, due to bandwidth issues.

posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010 3:56:45 PM
(Somewhere in Kenya, a village is missing an idiot.)


To: cyberaxe; smoothsailing; Just A Nobody; freema;


Wondering about the other branches.Possibly an order from the CINC?

posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010 3:57:28 PM
(But there really is no free lunch, except in the world of political
rhetoric,.: Thomas Sowell)


To: cyberaxe

Could have been caused by the recent server problems at FR.

posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010 4:16:45 PM



To: cyberaxe
So it begins..Next the Muslim will pardon all the terrorist then let
the Mexicans be honorary citizens and then the end..

Does this fool
really think he can out smart the people of this country.

Dude, I’ve got a Bulldog who can “out smart” you.

And he’s stupid as dirt.

.If the
democrats do not speak up then we are goners.


.There will be no elections
Obama will stay in charge until he runs this country into the ground

posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010 3:58:08 PM


To: cyberaxe

I am at work right now. I work for the Navy. Tell him to try
again. It is probably NMCI. This happens A LOT.

posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010 4:18:22 PM

OK, you guys, make up your minds – is the Revolution(may not apply in some states)on, or not?


Then how am I posting? Read the other posts. It has nothing to do
with anything being blocked. This is beyond ridiculous.

posted onWednesday, June 23, 2010 4:22:02 PM

span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>


p>OK – that’s plenty for one session. Let’s turn the blowers on and get out of here.

Even stranger fruit, next week.

And speaking of dumb-as-dirt Bulldogs…

This is what you can expect when you visitcasa del Tomas – Bailey Bulldog plopping himself down in front of you so you can pet his ugly head. Pic by my friend Benjy, who then succumbed to the urge to scratch Bailey’s vestigial ears.




4 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “Strange fruit” edition

  1. How do you stand it?
    And why does FR not have coverage of the crowd dispersal methods being used at the G20 (where the official police speech includes “civil disobedience will not be tolerated” )???

  2. Oh no, Kibitzer. That article makes it pretty clear what the GOP and their lobbyists think of their teabagging allies-of-convenience.
    It’s a phrase you see on Free Republic all the time:
    “Useful idiots”
    They’ll praise them, they’ll use them, they’ll take their money and use their votes.
    And then – Scott Brown.
    I’ll have to nip over to Freeptopia this week and see how they took the “Rogues of K Street” article. They probably think it’s complimentary.

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