Best Gambit Tabloid Cover Ever

NOLA’s fine alternative weekly, the Gambithas been on a roll of late. (Hmm, what kind of roll: lobster? egg? spring? Definitely not the latter.) Their latest cover featuresJames Carville looking like an insect toon complete with steam coming out of his ears:


Photo by Cheryl Gerber. Cover design by Dora Sison.

Well done, y’all. It’s actually rather lifelike. I had steam coming out of my ears yesterday as well and felt like a character out of a Roger Corman flick…


6 thoughts on “Best Gambit Tabloid Cover Ever

  1. Z-Man Barzell, perhaps?
    “Ere this night does wane, you will drink the black sperm of my vengeance!”

  2. I was just beginning to wonder what happened to Carville. Is he off alligator-skiing in Foggy Bottom again?

  3. Malaka of the year…
    Try to save your wetlands from oil only to let them Erode away anyway.
    Seriously, if this years Hurricanes doesn’t erode half your wetlands away they will be gone in a few years anyway.
    They were eroding before the Oil and they will continue to erode when the spotlight is gone.
    You are not fooling but yourselves by keeping your head in the sand.
    Alex Becomes First June Atlantic Hurricane Since 1995

  4. malaka of the year II.
    Hurricanes will stop more drilling and shut down more rigs than this little itsy bitty temporary Moratorium that only applies to a few deepwater rigs.
    But fools like to help Big Oil Posture against America while ignoring that their own culture and land is being wiped out… Along with their seafood industry…
    You guys are real saps.

  5. James Carville is Spider Jerusalem’s evil twin, which is saying a lot.

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