Friday Ferretblogging

In a futile attempt to live like grown-ups, we purchased a thing to store all the ferret toys in so they won’t be strewed all over the dining room all the time. It basically doubles as an ottoman, or a stool or something, it’s hollow, etc. Bucky and Riot, natch, have repurposed it as a nesting box.

The other night I was tearing the dining room apart looking for the little fuckers in every towel, tube, hammock and other place they like to stash themselves, to no avail, when I heard this rustling coming from the cube:


I give up. My house is just one big ferret cage.


7 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging

  1. Well, of COURSE they want to nestle in that cozy spot–plus it has their toys in there!

  2. It’s like they are saying “For USSSSS!???!” 🙂
    Dingoes in the (storage) Ottoman Empire!

  3. Very cute!!!
    I had my own personal Tivo.(that would be the hubby)tape the PBS show about ferrets, their owners, and and the Buckeye Bash. We watched it recently and I am understanding ferret love! Did you see it or have you been to the Buckeye Bash?

  4. That is a cute overload pic.
    I didn’t know until just now that a group of ferrets is called a “business.”
    Hey, at least they like the storage box.

  5. Dr. A, I’ve never been, but I have friends who go and they say it’s hysterical.
    Chicago does a ferret show every year that’s not quite as big … yet. And oh, boy is the crazy on full display. We thought of entering Bucky this year because he’s so goddamn darling, but we would have to clean and buff and prep him for weeks and I’m not sure his masculinity could take all that cream rinse.

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