Okay, Hawaii’s Right Out as a Vacation Spot

WTF, people?

Gov. Linda Lingle announced today that she will veto the civil
unions bill, describing the measure as “marriage by another name.”

said the legislative maneuvering by the House, which brought the bill
to a vote on the last day of session, was wrong and that the issue is
of such societal importance that it should involve all the people of

She said she made the decision about a week ago. “I feel
very comfortable with my decision,” she said. “I think I gave (the
issue) the dignity that it deserved.”

“I have been open and
consistent in my opposition to same-sex marriage, and find that House
Bill 444 is essentially same sex marriage by another name,” the
governor said.

If only. And hey, there’s nothing more dignified than taking the maximum amount of time to screw people over before you do it. She really thought about it! That makes it okay! I mean, if you’d been an open homophobe from day one, that would have been really wrong, but now that you’ve carefully considered your decision to be an asshole, we’re all just gonna have to applaud it.


6 thoughts on “Okay, Hawaii’s Right Out as a Vacation Spot

  1. Once again, we see another closeted Republican enacting discrimination

  2. Linda Lingle? LINDA LINGLE? Seriously? The woman with a porn name won’t sign a civil union bill? Oy.

  3. Because there was nothing else to ponder for her state’s governance in the months since this was put forth? Spending days upon days elbow on desk, chin in hand – just sitting and thinking about the horrors and the devastation of letting ‘teh gaii’ marry?!??!? Not thinking about the HUMAN BEINGS AND TAXPAYERS THEY ARE and the associated economic boon being so open-frakkin’-minded about such things.
    WHO DOES IT HURT ANYWAY!??!? NOONE… The only thing allowing the LGBT communities to have legal marriages HURTS is the LGBT folks, their families and friends WHEN THEY ARE DENIED THE RIGHT TO MARRY!!!
    That frakkin’ homophobic, closet case governor probably has attended or hosted a ‘marriage’ for her or her friends dogs!!!
    I say “Civil Union Disobedience”!!!

  4. Well, we were going to have our completely heterosexual honeymoon in Hawaii this fall, but guess what Governor Dingle? We’re not. Fuck you and everyone who looks and/or thinks like you.

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