Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Internet kill switch edition

p>Good morning, gentle people!

Well, when we last left those Duke Boys, old Boss Hog had hatched an evil plot to blow up the Internet with his…


Wrong script.

Wait a minute – I’ve got it here somewhere…

Ah, yes.

Well, when we last left the Freeperati, old Jim Robinson had hatched an evil plot to blow up the Freepathons with his words inserted into each and every thread. I had to scroll past this dreck with every thread I viewed, so guess what? So do you.

Suits on – air lock door open – here we go!

A Few Good Freepers wanted

Free Republic is currently delivering over 1.2 million pageviews to over
230,000 visitors per day. That’s 40 million pageviews to 7 million
visitors per month or 120 million pageviews per quarter, 480 million
pageviews per year. We currently have over 330,000 registered screen
names on FR.

4/5’s of which are people I banned for supporting Dubya in early 2000, and the remainder of which I banned in 2008 for not supporting Fred Thomson.

Out of these millions of visits, hundreds of millions of
pageviews, hundreds of thousands of registered Freepers

And these yo-yos complain about Democrats keeping people on the voting rolls after they’ve passed away?

Considering the average age of a Freeper seems to be between 50 and 105, and the 2-4“Freeper (name here) has just passed away” threads I see every day, it’s no wonder they’re having trouble keeping the lights on. I don’t know what Jim Rob is spending the money on instead of servers – maybe he’s just shutting them down every few weeks to scare more money out of the yokels?

and hundreds of
thousands of regular lurkers only a relatively FEW actually donate the
funds to keep FR alive.

At last count, fourteen. Because they’re stingy and greedy GOPers by nature. This is what happens when your target demographic is greedheads. Interesting conundrum, innit?

Now I’m not complaining,

I’m just posting this bleg at the top of every single thread. So it’s more like nagging than complaining.

because we’ve always managed to meet our
fundraising goals in the past, butit is taking longer and longer to
accomplish the task.

That would be because your beloved Invisible Hand Of The Free Market nearly brought down the world economy in the spring of 2008 – which is, of course, Obama’s fault.

And part of that may be because it’s mostly the
same few dedicated FReepers providing the funds and along with the rest
of us I’m sure they’re stretched to the limit.

Why, James Von Brunn hasn’t sent us anything in over ayear!

Sure would be nice if a
few more FReepers and lurkers would lend a hand and send in a few bucks.
Doesn’t take much. I think our average donation is around $20, but you
can send in $5, $10, $20, $30 or more and make it a monthly contribution
if you can.

Certainly you guys can cut back on some non-essentials…


A relatively few good FReepers

Oxymoron alert!

is all it takes to keep FR on the air so
that hundreds of thousands of us

I grew up in Waco. That’s close to the population there. If “hundreds of thousands” are your peer group, that makes you a subset of a subset of a subset of crazyville.

can join together in kicking liberal
butt and continue the fight for our freedom!!

Or at least so I won’t have to get a real job. Those government disability checks won’t make my McMansion payment, you know.

For example, 1,500 dedicated FReepers and lurkers donating an average of
$20 each per month is all it takes to continue delivering these
hundreds of millions of propaganda-fighting, pro-liberty pages to tens
of millions of readers every year. How many concerned citizens and
potential voters can we reach for a tiny fraction of a cent per page? FR
delivers a BIG bang for the buck!!

I’d like to thank the gang for the bang.

Thank you for providing the bang AND
the buck!!

Cheetos Cheetos bang bang?

I donated .02 . This will cost them around $0.75 to process and deposit.

I lurvs me some Freepatons!

After the jump –Glen Beck blows up the internets!!!!

p>So – you thought I was kidding about Glen Beck?

OH NOES!!1! Internet shutdown in 5…4…3…2…‏

everything you can off the Internet” – Glenn Beck

The Radio Patriot ^

| July 9, 2010
| Andrea Shea King

Posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 2:53:38


Glenn Beck is
warning us to grab EVERYTHING we can off the internet because they are
about to shut it down. They are about to shut down talk radio through
regs, and even Fox News is in danger. He urged everyone to immediately
connect with your local 9-12/tea party groups, your churches, your
neighbors, etc. He urged us to let our local police and military know we
stand with them, let them know who we are. Tell your pastors, rabbis,
priests to read thesermons that led to the American Revolution.Read them.
Do it now.

to the clip
– Length 4:01

What I got from him is that
it is coming down soon– he wouldn’t say when, but he knows more than
he’s saying. His voice was so alarming… It stopped me dead in my

I wish everyone could have heard him. It might be included in
his transcripts later today on his website. If you haven’t signed up
for his free newsletter, do so. It contains a daily synopsis of his show
topics, with links to the transcripts.

You can listen to clips
of his show right now at

whoever is clipping Glenn’s show didn’t see fit to include the above.
Do we wonder why?
*** Updated with 4:01 link above ***

what is posted there from today’s show:

Beck on DOJ review of
Oakland shooting: “We have turned this into the 1950s overnight, except
the races are reversed”
(clip length 3:25)

Beck: Media and Black
Panthers — coordinated through CAP or Van Jones — are conspiring to
disrupt 8-28 rally (clip
length 2:47)

list of “best” audio clips includes New Black Panther, Al Qaeda
spokesman, and Rep. Maxine Waters (clip length 1:31)

Beck suggests Obama is
sympathetic to New Black Panthers’ hate speech (clip length 1:53)

Beck says New Black
Panthers are part of Obama’s “army of thugs”
(length 2:17)

Beck calls Obama’s
“collective salvation” comment “evil,” says collective salvation is “the
root of social justice”

posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 2:53:41 PM

(length 7:00)

div class=”a2″>To: patriotgal1787

Everybody should have a cheap spare computer that’s not connected
to the internet for personal backup of files.

Also, a couple of flash/thumb drives.

posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 2:56:05 PM
(The Founders revolted for less.)

That way, you can huddle in your houses and read the right-wing tripe from thumb drives and pretend you’re on the internet.

These morons are like the $cientologists eager to preserve Elron Hubbub’s words on gold plates against the coming invasion of Teegeack. At least the gold has some intrinsic value – not as valuta, of course, but you can melt it down and use it for tooth fillings.

To: patriotgal1787

I dont know what to think about this.Hell Beck is so paranoid,
as he should be, everyone and their dog are after him.
… Did he say
anything about Lincoln Memorial Rally today?

posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 2:59:27 PM
(“We eat therefore we hunt…”)

If all you ate was what you got from hunting, you’d starve to death in three months. Spare me, Hawkeye.

To: Nickname

I save a lot of stuff to my external hard drive. Things like the
STORM handbook, the coming insurrection. Mostly just stuff to learn and
know they(sic) tactics of the left.

Maybe you should include a spelling and grammar book in that bug-out kit?

One thing I think is especially important to read are the 45 goals of
communism in America read into the congressional record by A S Herlong
in 1963.

Only a total moron could look at that list and fail to see the sucess(sic)
they’ve had.

posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 3:10:49 PM
(Remember the River Raisin! (look it up))

Only a total moron would buyanythingGlenn Beck touts, much lessthis.

To: patriotgal1787

Time will tell whether Beck is right or wrong.

Time’s up. He’s wrong.

Meanwhile, given the current situation we find ourselves in with a
Marxist president installed by global financial elitists and kept there
by a state-run media, I’ll hedge my bets and hold fire until I see the

Personally, I tend to go with what Beck’s saying — better safe than
sorry. His advice is sensible.

The rest of you naysayers who so complimentarily add your tinfoil
hats to your “considered” comments do not impress.People laughed at
Noah too… before they drowned.

So, you see, Glen Beck isexactly like Noah, except with a chalkboard instead of an ark.

Same principle, though. Now buy some gold so you can have something worthless to look at when supply lines break down and you have no food..

Proceed at your own risk.

posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 3:11:35 PM
(“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do
nothing” – Edmund Burke)

p>To: patriotgal1787

Agreed, better safe than sorry.

posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 3:15:25 PM
(Remember the River Raisin! (look it up))

And, better than Ezra.

To: GoCards

I’m with you. His enemies are trying their best to isolate him
into kooksville

Similarly, the cattlemen are trying their best to isolate cows into pastureville.

so I am still giving him credit where credit is due.

I don’t listen to his radio show because I’m usually still sleeping
at that early hour, but his TV show is a must see in my house.

posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 3:15:58 PM
(Sarah/Michele 2012)

Your children are going to smother you in your sleep and collect your pittance of insurance money.

Of course, there’s always gotta be some unbelievers:

To: cripplecreek

Center for American Progress? I don’t know.

And what am I supposed to do with all the stuff I download and where
do I begin?

I guess I’ll start with I like that one.

posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 3:02:37 PM

p>To: patriotgal1787

It’s irresponsible to goad listeners with such cassandra-esque

Some people will simply say anything that bumps up the ratings that
dictate the size of their paycheck, but that’s irresponsible.

Frankly, it borders on lunacy.

posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 3:02:46 PM
(Media Bias means that Castro won’t be punished for Cuban war crimes
against Black Angolans in Africa)

div class=”a2″>To: patriotgal1787

Beck is becoming a mockery of himself. He must be vying for the
Orly Taitz Award.

posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 3:20:21 PM

p>To: patriotgal1787

His advice is sensible.

The problem I have with his
rationale is that while he spouts so much doom and gloom and in truth
this administration is destroying our country, yet he still urges all of
us not to cause trouble, urges us to “be nice” and preaches

That would be because when the next nutcase whips out a gun and starts shooting people or flies a plane into a Federal building , he needs some plausible deniability. Insurance, and all that.

Tell us Beck, what country has ever overthrown a tyrant by
peaceful means? I’d like to ask Beck if he wants us to go silently into
the cattle cars?

No. He wants you to buy gold andthen go silently into the cattle cars.

It’s all well and good to sound the alarm but to
then urge the populace to do nothing is irresponsible.

Whereas urging the populace to kill people is responsible. Uh huh. You have too much blood in your oxygen supply.

posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 3:23:03 PM
(Looking for our Sam Adams)

Here ya go.


p>Gone Galt alert!

To: patriotgal1787

One of the MANY reasons we are leaving and going to live outside
the US in our vacation home. Will it be permanent?

Or just for two weeks? Do they have ATMs in Ghana?

It all depends but
it’s one hell of a lot better than here right now. At least we won’t be
working to pay the loafers. I’m done… so done.

Translation: “I can’t get a job after ranting and raving about the ‘commonists’ until my last three jobs fired me, so I’ll take my collectible George W. Bush gold coins and live in some third world country until I’m ambushed and killed on a dirt road in the asshole of nowhere.”

posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 3:35:35 PM
(When crisis becomes opportunity, crisis becomes the goal.)

And now –best post of the thread !!

To: patriotgal1787

How do weknow people laughed at Noah?

posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 3:46:58 PM
(It’s easy to whine…I’d rather win)

Because it’s in the Koran. This is what is known as “irony”.

Ok – since the internet seems to still be working, let’s see what else we have here.

Oh wow –it’s the Parrotheads versus the Shitheads!‏

Buffett Organizes Gulf Benefit, Blames Bush for Spill

Associated Press ^

| July 06, 2010
| Associated Press

Posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 11:31:14

Singer Jimmy Buffett is just another mad Gulf Coast native when it
comes to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, but with an exception: He’s
got millions of fans and a way to help lift spirits over the seemingly
endless crisis.


Buffett, a supporter of President
Barack Obama, said the roots of the spill lie with the administration of
former President George Bush, which was often criticized for being too
cozy with the petroleum industry.

div class=”b2″>
Jimmy does not exactly understand who his fan base is. Shut up and

posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 11:31:17 AM


Just damn. Now I’ve gotta trash all my Buffett CDs.

posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 11:34:12 AM
(Investment plan: blued steel, brass, lead, copper)

Yeah. You justgotta.


To: numberonepal

What motivates people to commit economic suicide???

And by “economic suicide”, I mean “my trashing albums and CDs I already bought and paid for”.

Obviously we
need to start drug testing performing artists an a regular basis, unless
of course they are willing to share.

“Libertarian – a Republican who smokes dope”

Buffet albums going in dumpster
today. Sorry jimmy, you just jumped the shark.

posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 11:42:17 AM

Oh I think he’ll survive somehow, even if four or five Freepers trash the CDs they purchased back in the 80’s.

In 2006, his annual amphitheater tour grossed over $41 million and his
Margaritaville restaurant and stores earned more than $15 million.

I thought as much. Still think you’re going to “Dixie Chick” him, shit-for-brains?

To: numberonepal

Hanging up my Parrothead s*it for good.

BTW, Gulf Shores is one of the most beautiful parts of the Gulf

posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 12:04:34 PM

Not for long.Drill, baby drill !

To: eyeamok

Economic suicide? Really? The same people that listen to his lame
music (OK I’ll admit Margaritaville is catchy but everyone of his songs
sounds the same) and go to his cheesy Margaritaville restaurants will
continue unabated.

posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 12:14:29 PM

Not to mention going to games at the newly renamed “Landshark Stadium” to watch the Miami Dolphins play.

Lacesout, Dan.

To: eyeamok

He has more money than God like his distant relative Warren.
These people make TONS of money and want to control your life. He has
multiple planes he flies plus 150 ft yacht plus his tours have trucks
using insane amounts of petroleum. F him.

posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 12:39:36 PM
(Democrats = Party of I*lam)

But he’ll lose it all when you “Dixie Chick” him.

To: numberonepal

I do believe he has Dixie Chicked himself!

posted onFriday, July 09, 2010 11:35:54 AM
(As Israel goes, so goes America!)

Well, then – that saves you the trouble, doesn’t it?

Time for one more – so much idiocy, so little time…

Orly? No – did her last week.

Ann Coulter / Bill Kristol slap fight? Nah – saving that one for next week.

How about –Quietest thread of the week!‏

Steele Attacks: Afghan War “of Obama’s Choosing” VIDEO

Various Sources ^

| 2 Jul 10
| EC

Posted onFriday, July 02, 2010 11:02:28

Any time you hear Michael Steele speak, you have to be ready for
something controversial and perplexing to come out of his mouth. Once
again, he doesn’t disappoint. Now he’s attacking Afghanistan as a war
“of Obama’s choosing.” It’ll be interesting to see what the fallout over
this will be…

posted onFriday, July 02, 2010 11:02:36 AM

div class=”a2″>To: nysuperdoodle

“Michael Steele Attacks:”

Apparently someone decided to let him out of his cage.

posted onFriday, July 02, 2010 11:05:01 AM

Steele. Cage.

Steele cage match!!! I get it.


posted onFriday, July 02, 2010 11:49:59 AM


Comment #6 Removed by Moderator

To: nysuperdoodle

The man is flat, freakin’ stupid.

posted onFriday, July 02, 2010 6:09:00 PM
(Abraham Lincoln: For when it happened too long ago to blame on George
W. Bush)


To: nysuperdoodle

Somebody PLEASE shut this fool up.

posted onFriday, July 02, 2010 6:58:31 PM


p>Ok – that’s it for this week.

I’m thinking about Puck right about now.

Going to go give all the goggies and kittehs some treats. Life is short, and you’ve got to make time for the important things.

Come here, Kingsford, and let daddy pet your…OW!

Little bugger bit me.

/div>>Oh – and Barbara just gave Bailey Bulldog a new name.

He is now known as “Bermuda Snorts”.