Weekend Question Thread

A slight variation on one you’ve been asked before: You’re given $10,000, and the only condition is that you HAVE to give it all away. To people, to charity, whatever.

What do you do with it?


24 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. …half to my struggling artist daughter in Savannah, half to Habitat for Humanity as one little (perhaps hopeless) gesture to try to end some of the pain…

  2. BlakNo1 says:

    I can come up with 10 friends who could use $1,000 apiece. If not, American Friends Services Committee is but a few blocks away on Mass Ave.

  3. Gummo says:

    Probably a no-kill stray animal rescue shelter.
    I’ve pretty much given up on human beings (in the aggregate; there are still a few individuals I can stand).

  4. joejoejoe says:

    I’d give some small amount to my Mom so she could get someone to help her with gardening, the rest to WaterAid, a charity devoted to bringing clean water and sanitation to all in the developing world.

  5. racymind says:

    I would donate my $10,0000 to First Draft!!!

  6. pansypoo says:

    save nature and planned parenthood.

  7. Phalamir says:

    Establish a consulting firm in my daughter’s name, and make a donation.

  8. virgotex says:

    Probably give half to the nonprofit I devote my time to, Jacob’s Well Natural Area, specifying that it be focused on education re conservation and protection of local watershed.
    Give the rest to Best Friends, Kinky Friedman’s Utopia Rescue Ranch, or some other similar animal rescue program on giving a permanent home to ‘death row’ animals

  9. Michael says:

    Most if not all would go to a relative who’s having a tough time work-wise these days…if there was anything left I’d donate to Loosiana coastal restoration and/or Haitian earthquake relief.

  10. Jay Goldfarb says:

    I’d use it as a strategic, discretionary spending fund.
    With the Citizens United decision, our government is now wholly-owned by corporate interests. Voting only has marginal utility, as is evidenced by Obama’s corporatist financial policies and his continuation of the Bush/Cheney abuse of human and constitutional rights.
    Our only remaining power is in deciding where we spend the small amount of excess money remaining to us (after paying our de facto corporate taxes). We should spend this money in local, ethical businesses.

  11. Jay Goldfarb says:

    I realize that my last comment wasn’t quite in the spirit of the question, but I wanted to make the point.

  12. Maitri says:

    Closest no-kill shelter.

  13. Snowwy says:

    In this economy, finding people who are on the edge of utter destitution is not just easy- the fact that it’s so easy is an affront to our idea of civilization itself. However many, however much they actually need until it’s gone.

  14. Henry Holland says:

    I’d give it to a music program, for kids to learn to play an instrument. As Jim Morrison pointed out, music is your only friend.

  15. CybScryb says:

    Today I’d give it all to Burt Ward’s (the original Robin) http://www.gentlegiantsrescue.com Gentle Giants large breed rescue. Like Gummo, I’ve given up on humans as a whole, excepting a few close friends that I know share my love of fur, feathers and a fin or two.

  16. What do you do with it?
    Give it away to the same charities I give stuff to now: organizations helping the homeless, dealing with hunger, Planned Parenthood, Humane Society, etc.

  17. pansypoo says:

    i forgot NPR.

  18. Interrobang says:

    Give it to various of my financially-strapped friends and sulk. Having to give away ten grand when I’m out of work would hurt like hell.

  19. Sandia Blanca says:

    Local food bank and no-kill animal shelter, and UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief).

  20. Brooklyn Girl says:

    Animal rescue. It’s the least we can do, considering how we’ve fucked up their habitat.

  21. I’d give it to Spocko.

  22. montag says:

    My kid could certainly use some of it, and some of it ought to go to all those bloggers who are doing yeoman work to keep me informed on both the substance and subtleties of what’s going on in the world. The more the mainstream media is in the bag for the power elite, the more we need people who notice and yell, “bullshit!”

  23. RAM says:

    Half to our local museum to continue preserving what’s left of our history before it’s paved over and half to our local food bank.

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