What Jack Stuef Said

You can only get played so many times before peoplestop blaming Andrew Breitbart and start blaming you:

Seriously? Fuck off. Fuck off. And try to remember for a second that
you are called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored
People and not the National Association for Demonizing Random Black
People Andrew Breitbart Baselessly Tells You to Demonize. Jesus Christ.

Later on, realizing what they had done to this poor, exemplary woman, the NAACP backtracked and releasedanother statement, blaming their initial reaction oncontext. Yeah, no. You don’t get away with doing that. There was no reason in Breitbart’soriginal
context for them to throw her under the bus. Maybe you have the
responsibility to think first about what you are doing when you call
people racists, NAACP. Certainly you have that responsibility if you
want people to take you seriously the next time you call someone racist.

But the most depressing thing about all of this is that Tom Vilsack fired Shirley Sherrod. Hefired her. Because of some dumb thing Breitbart vomited on his keyboard! Hefired her!

You may remember Tom Vilsack-of-shit as thegreatest failure
of the 2008 presidential election. This castrato quickly realized that
nobody liked him and almost immediately dropped out. But oh no, Tom had
campaign debts! So Tom went around asking all the other candidates to
pay off his debts in exchange for his endorsement.Hillary Clinton bit.
And so, after groveling and kissing her feet, Tom Vilsack spent a year
going around telling people how much he loved Hillary. God, he loved
her so much! He baked pies for her! Yet somehow that stench of sack
(Vil) success never brushed off on Hillary.

So it should be no surprise this man has no balls. He is a disgrace
to the state of Iowa, where brave people legalized gay marriage because
it was the right thing to do. And it is time for him to return to
obscurity in his hometown of Mount Pleasant and enjoy his neighbors
ignoring him.

I think I’m in love.


10 thoughts on “What Jack Stuef Said

  1. hey, I sort of said the same thing!
    why aren’t no one in love with me?

  2. Thanks for linking to that. I wasn’t ever sure about Wonkette before, but now I will read religiously.

  3. We all, at times, face a defining moment, where we either have the character, the morals, the standards, to do the right thing, or we tuck our tail between our legs and close our eyes, hoping the moment will pass. Tom Vilsack demonstrated how far his tail will reach.
    Obama now faces one of those defining moments. I’m watching.
    Teaching moments are one thing, but a President is really expected to do the right thing when a defining moment appears. And, surely every living American knows what the right thing for Obama to do at this moment is. It isn’t inviting Vilsack to share a beer.

  4. First, I agree that the actions were unconscionable. Action needs to be taken both punitive and preventative of this recurring; her superiors are definitely in the cross hairs for this. As much of this happened at the highest levels of the administration, I hope that Obama will publicly demonstrate including an apology (although this could be a legal minefield), praise of Ms Sherrod for being willing to talk about difficult issues (Obama tried to get this going after Jeremiah Wright, but the populace wasn’t willing to), and some sort of confirmable action to restore accountability.
    However, I have some sympathy with NAACP and Vilsack. The NAACP had just called out a Tea Bagger who had repeatedly and with impunity made racist statements. The pressure was up as they tried to hand the NAACP with the New Black Panther Party (wouldn’t that make a good title for a Saturday cartoon?). Remarks like those portrayed in the edited tape were unconsionable and demanded swift action (I have to not that even months after the Acorn / pimp tapes were revealed to be edited, folks still believe them). So swift action was called for.
    But in the rush to appear accountable, they forgot about due process. (parallel the problems with forgeting due process with Gitmo). It is a teaching moment that we can never abandon due process. And that is the big moral failure.

  5. bitchbat has the mark of fux. if he says shes a racist, then she is the opposite. call fux on their lies. goddammit. FIGHT THEM. NO MORE PUSSYFOOT.
    go teddy on their ass. speak hawaii cool and beat them with a big stick.

  6. Public Radio here had an interview of several journalists (a regular feature where they analyze the news system). I knew the source was Breitbart. But I didn’t know that the original source of this was Breitbart’s blog which was picked up by Fox News.
    So I have to ask the journalists: YOU PICKED UP FROM FAUX NEWS WITHOUT DOING ANY FACT CHECKS??????

  7. We don’t want Vilsack back – we have enough trouble with his incompetent successor, Chet “Big Lug” Culver.

  8. What I want to know is, okay, so a guy who’d just very publicly been exposed as a serial political ratfucker and doctorer or videos shows up with a politically-charged video and claims it says something damaging about his political opponents andyou fall for it?! At what point do you, if you are the media these days, look at these guys and say “If you said the sky was blue, I’d have to fuckingcheck,” and laugh them out of the room? How many times do serial liars get a free pass before you start saying to them “Everything you’ve ever said is a demonstrable falsehood, so go peddle your lying ass elsewhere”?

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