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  1. Duran Duran in February (I think) of 1984. I got to fly to Austin to see them at the Erwin Drum on that Friday b/c my folks wouldn’t let me go on a school night…when it was in Houston. My uncle bought me the ticket (and one for him) and my folks snagged the puddle jumper that was so frakkin’ cheap back then.
    I was happily spazzed. I still have my fedora. 🙂 And many of my DD buttons.

  2. Depeche Mode at the Lakefront Arena.* “Stripped” tour. One of the parents I babysat for in jr. High had an extra ticket, and her partner didn’t want to go, so she took me!
    *Not counting Jazzfest & countless small club venues in Nola.

  3. 1978 was the year. Foghat was on the ticket.
    Middle act was Bachman Turner Overdrive. Opening act was a then unknown Judas Priest. New wave or punk was a long way from making it through the pop culture noise into my Catholic school hangouts. I had an 8-track tape player in my Camaro.
    I lived in the Dallas area, but all the “good” concerts were in Fort Worth about 40 miles away because there wasn’t a good concert venue in Dallas yet. Seems weird now.
    The drinking age was 18 in Texas then. I was too chicken to smoke pot just yet, but beer was always easy to get. My parents never would have let me go, so I went on the sly. Ah, memories.

  4. The Beatles in 1964 at Shea Stadium. I bought two tickets and my brother went with me. We spent the day at the World’s Fair and then went to concert and met my parents back at the Fair afterward. Every time a helicopter flew over the stadium the attendees began shouting — rumor was the Beatles were being flown to center field. Actually I think they drove them in through a back road and they came on the field to the concert stage through a dugout. And I think any of the music I might have heard was more likely a memory because nearly everyone was screaming and shouting. I think we got back to the Fair in time to see fireworks.

  5. The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Dorton Arena, Raleigh NC, 1968. Iron Butterfly opened. (Yes, they played “In-a-Gadda-da-Vida.”)
    Followed in a couple of months by Led Zeppelin, same venue, no opening act – 3 solid hours of L.Z.

  6. First big concert I remember was in the early 70’s @ my home town’s July 4th celebration (Happy Birthday USA, held by the Statler Brothers) Musical guest was Johhny Cash on the high school football field. Free!

  7. Iron Butterfly, with Incredible Crow and Blues Image opening.
    Lee Dorman lost his low-rise jeans part of the way through one song, and quickly covered himself up with his bass.
    Unfortunately for him it was a clear Lucite Dan Armstrong Ampeg.

  8. First big concert was in the early 70’s in my hometown. It was the July 4th celebration held by the Statler Brothers called Happy Birthday, USA. It was held in the high school football field. Johnny Cash was the musical guest.

  9. So many cool stories!
    My first concert was an outdoor adventure at the long gone JFK Staduim in Philadelphia in 1976. Pousette Dart Band, Gary Wright, Peter Frampton and Yes. I’d just graduated 8th grade (catholic school anyone?) and kept wondering why people were burning “incense” during the concert!

  10. Iron Butterfly for me too, on the Sun & Steel tour. Might have been Frank Zappa, now that I think about it – 1974.

  11. Glad some other geezers have posted: now I feel less exposed. My first rock concert was a biggie: the Stones on the Exile on Main Street tour with Stevie Wonder opening. It was held at my all-time favorite mid-sized venue Winterland in San Francisco. Great show and I think it cost 8 to 10 bucks.

  12. Aside from loads of school trips to the symphony & the Houston Grand Opera, and the Livestock Show & Rodeo, which would glorify the band Alabama as though they were Led Zeppelin? Katrina & the Waves and Squeeze at Bucknell U. during my junior year of high school, about ’89 or ’90. It tookthat long for my parents to let me go to a rock concert, well after all my friends in grade school had had their parents take them to see The Police on their Synchronicity tour, or Genesis, or Madonna. Thanks, Mom & Dad.

  13. i don’t ‘do’ concerts. i was forced as a kid to see the osmonds at the state fair. as i got older. i have grown to hate live music. i have been in 2 bars with bands. both times the music unbearably loud. toooo loud. i suppose to make sure there is no conversation. meh.i’ll save my money for CDs.

  14. The Clash at the Warehouse in New Orleans in 1982. I was seventeen…later that summer took my first trip to NYC before starting college. All in all a pretty good year.

  15. Johnny Winter with Blood, Sweat, and Tears opening at the Hollywood Bowl in 1969. My high school crush backed out.

  16. The very first show, January 30, 1970, atThe Warehouse in New Orleans. Fleetwood Mac, the Flock, and the Grateful Dead (who were busted for pot by the NOPD after the show, thus giving us the immortal song “Truckin'”:
    “Busted, down on Bourbon Street,
    set up, like a bowling pin.
    Knocked down, it gets to wearin’ thin,
    they just won’t let you be.”

  17. I’m in the geezerhood, too. The first I remember was an MYF dance in Catonsville, MD. Martha Reeves and the Vandellas.We were either on some sort of circuit or the booker for the church was awful hip (they did have an amazing choir, I remember, maybe that had something to do with it), but we got a lot of the pop acts of the time playing for middle school kids in blazers and ties.
    Later, I saw James Brown at Fort Bragg, which was amazing. But my all time favorite was the first concert I saw after getting out of the Army. It was that Exile on Mainstreet tour Adrostos mentioned. I saw them in Pittsburgh and I’ve never seen anything like it since. Goddamn, that was a great show.
    Pansypoo, I’m in one of those bar bands now and you’re right, we’re way too loud. And it is glorious.

  18. one of Alan Freed’s r&r shows at the Brooklyn Fox, c, late 50’s, with Little Richard, Jerry Lee, and lots of those folks on the PBS begathon shows.

  19. Pink Floyd at the Forum in Wichita, Kansas. I rode up with a group of college kids and noticed after their concert that the roadies were not tearing things down as much as rearranging. Since I was a punk kid at the time, I had to persuade the college guys I hitched a ride with to stick around. Glad we did, the band came back on stage with a minimal set-up and announced they were going to play their new album for us. About 500 of us stood in awe as the Floyd played The Dark Side of the Moon.
    I was 12…they were awesome!

  20. OMG, what is it with Iron Butterfly! That was my first rock concert, too. It was 1967 or 1968, at the Anaheim Convention Center, and I was a naive little junior high student who didn’t know anything about “Inna Gadda Da Vida” or the “incense” mentioned by Daize!
    Opening act was Taj Mahal! Quite a show.

  21. 1985. Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Jessi Colter.
    The stupid “lifestyles” dept at my university newspaper had tickets they tossed ’cause it wasn’t to Whitesnake.

  22. Geez, 1962, I think. Kingston Trio.
    But, Honolulu was the place for music in the late `60s. Everybody wanted to end tours there in order to tack on a little vacation time. Great shows.

  23. Hahaha, add another Iron Butterfly show to the list: Honolulu Convention Center, 1969. I was 9, I begged my parents to go (I loved the “In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida” and “Ball” albums), they insisted my older brother (who was a worldly 14!) go with me. It was all a blur, the sound and lights were a bit much for me.
    On a less happy note, my older sister refused to take me to Cal Jam in 1974 because “I’m going to do acid and I don’t want to have to deal with you when I’m like that”. I thus missed Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Black Sabbath at their peaks and a fiery Deep Purple show. Damn you Lynn, DAMN. YOU. TO. HELL.

  24. Leon Russell in Saratoga 1972, with an girl-band called Fanny opening. I was fourteen and my brother, a year younger, came with me.

  25. Simple Minds at the Orpheum Theater on Beale St. in Memphis, 1986. They were still riding high on “Don’t You Forget About Me,” the theme song from “The Breakfast Club.”

  26. I don’t remember anything about the Dorsey band. What I do sorta remember is Ocean Beach Ballroom that held close to 3,000 people.

  27. Bob Dylan and The Band, 1974 at the Capital Centre arena in DC’s Md. suburbs.

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