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  1. Part of me thinks this is an unalloyed good thing and part of me thinks this is like North Carolina banning barbecue.

  2. I know what you mean Lex but we heard the same arguments here about cockfighting. Hey, the Castillians still allow so it’s all good as the kids say…

  3. My mom was crazy about bullfighting. She was an English teacher and probably read too much Hemingway. My dad could take it or leave it. That goes for Hemingway or bullfighting.
    When I was a kid, she took us to bullfights in Mexico City and Madrid. (They used to show them on channel 47 in New York, but I never watched sports on television.) Even then the crowds weren’t all that huge. I do remember that the carcasses were donated to charity, and they posted the weights in kilograms. It was a very old custom, and as I was learning about ancient Crete at the time and the bull dancers, I was fascinated. One bull actually won and was led off amidst a group of cows with suitable fanfare. My mother said that this was to calm him down and that he would be put out to stud.
    I can’t say I’d like to see another bullfight, or the working floor of a slaughter house, but I know that meat involves death, but so does living. Still it was interesting thing to have seen and a definite link to the Mediterranean past. Franco isn’t running Spain anymore, so that was then, and this is now.

  4. Never forget a day in Valencia, when we walked into a place that was the Spanish counterpart of a VFW. The grizzled old guy at the kitchen door told us there was no paella, but we could relax and have a beer. We took him up on it and sat with these other magnificent relics watching the bullfights in Rondo on TV like people in bars here watch football. There was a particularly good finish by a young matador that elicited some mild raising of glasses and some nicotine-gravelly “Oles” from the group we were with. Serious connoisseurs there.
    We saw the fights in Madrid and I have to say, it made me kind of sad to hear of their banning in Catalonia – but then things are different over there. I’m now waiting for the Basque separatists to finally pull their region away from both Spain and France. Hey, it can’t be too far behind.

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