16 thoughts on “‘I WILL NOT YIELD’

  1. America. FUCK YEAH! Wow, that was good. I couldn’t have done that without yelling “The gentleman will sit his FUCKING ass down before I FUCK HIM UP!” That’s why I’m bad as a governmental candidate.

  2. You know, I like Weiner except that he’s an Israel Firster. Just can’t get behind that in any way, shape or form.

  3. Nice clip. I like Weiner until he starts talking about the Middle East where he swallows the whole AIPAC line. Oh well, nobody’s perfect.

  4. I’d read all over about this but hadn’t yet seen it.
    Lately, I’ve been despairing over ALL politicians, at ALL levels, of ANY party. Something like this is good to see. Not that it redeems Weiner of his mistakes or redeems the profession or anything. It’s just good to see a public servant saying what we all feel HOW we all feel it.

  5. Cigarette? Hell, I need a shower and to change the sheets. I’ll be walking funny tomorrow.

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