Mad Men Thread: “A patch of new paint’s just as bad as a stain.”


p>Mad Mensneaks up on viewers. Initially, I thought that nothing much happened in episode three until I thought about it and realized that I was wrong; not an unusual phenomenon. I always like it when Don Draper becomes Dick Whitman again: Dick is a pretty nice guy whereas Don is a shitheel albeit a talented one. I don’t know about y’all but I’m under the impression that Anna has a pretty good idea that she’s seriously ill even if her family is “protecting her.” In the past, she seemed very house proud and this time round she didn’t care about her stained ceiling or whether or not Dick/Don (uh oh, that sounds phallic) painted it or not. Whitman/Draper considers telling Anna the truth until he realizes that maybe he shouldn’t show up, wreak havoc, go back to Madison Avenue and leave Anna’s family to pick up the pieces. That’s the most charitable interpretation I’ve got but I’m sure some of y’all have other notions. The ambiguity of the characters and how they’re written is one of the things I like best aboutMad Men: each episode is open to different interpretations. So, interpret already..

After Don returns to Noo Yawk, he finds Lane alone in the office on New Year’s Eve and takes the old boy out and gets him hammered in classic Sterling Cooper fashion. I halfway expected Lane to wear a lampshade but the bit where he used a steak as a belt buckle was more original although I suspect it’s been done before; probably by some dumbass Texas frat boy. The Lane-Don scenes, while somewhat pathetic, were a real hoot. I got a kick out of the B-girl telling Don that his apartment was “very manly.” And Don’s response was classic: “It came that way. I think Norman Mailer shot a deer over there.” Baboom.

Finally, Joan and Dr. Dipshit’s marriage continues to be a slow motion trainwreck. She was so nervous around him that she cut the shit out of her hand. Even though he fixed her up and acted human for 44 seconds, he is still not worthy. I don’t think Joan was cut out to be a surgeon’s wife, she oughta slice off that 180 pound growth called her husband. He’s a human tumor, I tell ya…

For a much better recap than this, check out Heather Havrilesky’s at Salon. Finished? Okay, discuss amongst yourselves while I finish my non-Vodka cocktail. I’m way too tired to paint the parlor right now…


5 thoughts on “Mad Men Thread: “A patch of new paint’s just as bad as a stain.”

  1. Joan’s firing of the hapless secretary was breathtaking. In another time, she would’ve been a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Her domain within SCDP is a tight ship, even if the men are falling apart.
    Here’s to 1965. It’s gonna break my heart when they get to 1967-1968 and the clothes start to get really bad. Macramé is just around the bend…

  2. Nehru jacket or not, Roger’s office is something…and, to go back a season, I keep feeling like I’ve seen various knick knacks and decorations from Pete and Trudy’s apartment…because my folks had similar accoutrements from around the same era before their taste reverted to Ethan Allan with middle age.
    One thing about the show that’s got me hooked is that I’m roughly the same age (ok, in my case a little older) as the generation in the show…which is right around my parents’ age…

  3. I’m waiting for some more business. They have focused so much on the personal lives of the characters it’s no wonder the agency is dying.
    How much you want to bet Bryan Blatt comes back after cigarettes are banned from the airwaves?
    And when will Peg write the campaign that saves the agency from slow strangulation by Lucky Strike, pitching it personally because of some stupid thing Don did, and then press her advantage.

  4. Dana: I’m inclined to agree that the business of Mad Men should be the business. The second half of the episode pointed in that direction as well.
    I like your idea about Lucky Strike. I miss Bryan Batt too but from what I’ve heard from mutual friends he’s unlikely to be back this season. Of course, Lee Garner Jr. could die in a fire at a gay bar or something. That would be swell.
    I also miss Kinsey and Cosgrove. The former was comic relief on 2 legs…

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