‘Demons aren’t lazy, Christians are’

Our children are being taught to worship Satan, you guys:

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — A pastor arrested Monday for protesting Warner
Robins High School’s “Demon” nickname and mascot says he was just
standing up for Jesus — and he’d do it again.

Pastor Donald Crosby said the school’s demon logo just encourages children to evil.

“I don’t scare easily. Lock me up as many times as you have to lock
me up. Even kill me if you have to. I’m standing up for Jesus.”

He criticized other Christians who, he says, are singing in church while their children are being taught to praise demons.

“Demons aren’t lazy, Christians are,” he said.

He said the city of Warner Robins must repent for its demon-praising.

Just who are thosedemons?

The mascot is a red devil with horns wielding a pitchfork. A large
version of the mascot is wheeled out to the end zone during football
games. Sparks shoot from the pitchfork when Warner Robins scores. The
mascot was named for the Air Force’s 7th Fighter Squadron when the
school opened in 1946, according to school officials. The squadron was
nicknamed the Screamin’ Demons.



7 thoughts on “‘Demons aren’t lazy, Christians are’

  1. Obviously he is concerned that the school mascot is a depiction of Satan or one of his demons.
    So is he saying that Satan et al. are little costumed characters with little pitchforks.
    Frankly, there are a lot more things that seem more demonic.

  2. Good god, is he going to go after the Deviled Ham logo next? What about deviled eggs, devil’s food cake…or red hot candies?
    Ought to hook him up with the “bicycle sharing is the spawn of Satan and the United Nations” guy in Colorado. They could share a padded cell.
    I keep hoping there are enough grown ups out there to at some point say enough…but on the other hand, I wrote a slightly inebriated note to myself the other night to re-read The Grand Inquisitor part of The Brother’s Karamazov…just because I could stand to be a bit more depressed, I guess.

  3. Lock me up as many times as you have to lock me up. Even kill me if you have to. I’m standing up for Jesus.”
    You know, if there is one overarching characteristic of most xians, it is their overwhelming desire to feel persecuted while picking on other people.
    Dude, Jesus said to feed the hungry. Go do that.

  4. Well, a Blue Devil is certainly a Devil of a different color. The devil is in the details you know. It is really a devilish problem to work on.

  5. Right on, Hecate!!!!
    Act like a follower of Jesus, dude, or be mocked for your public lack of sincerity.

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