A Howling In The Wires

Howling In The Wires.jpeg

This is a bloggercentric version of the book announcement.Click on thisLINKto read the press release and to learn how you can buy this sucker. I’m honored to be one of the bloggers included:

Gallatin & Toulouse Press announces the publication of A Howling in the Wires: An Anthology of Writings from Postdiluvian New Orleans. This collection combines the vivid post-Katrina experiences captured by the best New Orleans bloggers with the work of traditional writers from the same period, cataloging some of the best-written and most powerful reactions of the people who experienced Katrina.

The book launch reading will be Thursday, Aug. 26 7 pm Upstairs at Mimi’s in the Marigny in NOLA. Open to the public.Bloggers include Clifton Harris, Ray Shea, Maitri Erwin, Troy Gilbert, Tim Ruppert, Peter Athas, Greg Peters, Sam Jasper, Ashley Morris and others. Cover by Greg Peters. Sam Jasper and Mark Folse, editors with much assistance from Ray Shea.

Proceeds from the book will be donated to Hana Morris.