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  1. July 4th weekend, 1974. All of my friends & I were home from our first year of college; 3 of those friends had scored an enormous amount of the last windowpane acid we’d ever see; and another one had his parents’ house all to himself for the weekend.
    As naive devotees of Wolfe’s Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, we declared the weekend our own acid test, and had an absolutely marvelous time. I believe the 4th was a Thursday, so it turned into a 3 1/2 day weekend. Some people literally tripped for 3 days straight; I took the middle day off.
    We started the weekend Thursday night at the local fireworks display, and ended it that Sunday on Jones Beach, Long Island. In between, there were innumerable laughs, much random weirdness and perhaps a revelation or two. Since it was not primarily a drinking party, no one was hurt, no one got sick. The worst damage was that the house was a little messy when it was all over.
    I’ve started multiple drafts of an unfinished novel based on that weekend. Eventually I’ll finish it, it was a small unique moment between the end of hippie culture and the rise of punk & disco.

  2. I don’t ever recall going to any great parties, let alone memorable ones.
    I am probably a stick in the mud. 🙂

  3. What a loaded question for me. Darn near any family gathering involving my grandparents has been fun. My parents used to throw some rip-roaring parties at their house where they’d serve fajitas – the meat of which Dad had had marinating all the day before – and, once they got hold of a Braun juicer, some killer lime margaritas. Just invite a bunch of scientists from the pharmacology and cell biology departments of Baylor labs & see what happens. A lot happened.
    My wedding reception was a hell of a lot of fun. We got a band made up of guys from the American Legion Dan played in to provide the music, and they’d never played a Jewish wedding before. We supplied the music for the hora and they had no clue that the dance could go on for 30 minutes of more. They played the sheet music for ten minutes and stopped, and my family descended on the band and told them to keep it going. The guys shrugged and kept it going for 40 minutes more. They still talk about that wedding.
    In recent times, some friends of ours hold house parties in which they send out invites titled “I Ain’t Your Mama”, followed by a bunch of enigmatic phrases which will only come to light if you “act right and bring something” and come to the party. Being a member of the Krewe du Vieux in New Orleans has been a blast, especially for the pre- and post-parade parties. We’ve got a pancake breakfast tradition we kick-started at our place Mardi Gras Day in which little slices of the party come to us – y’all come to Chez Liprap if you’re in town at that time and need some food and a place to pee. Adrastos’ Muses parties are a kick, too.
    And I would be totally remiss if I didn’t mention the best parties I’ve attended in recent years: the first Geek Dinner I attended (GD3) in which I met most of the New Orleans bloggers and some of the First Draft krewe for the first time, and the Rising Tide 2 pre-conference “meet and greet” at Buffa’s Lounge.
    There’s been muchonaches for me at parties.
    Party on, people.

  4. Hard to single one out, but the best year for me was 1985-86…I met a LOT of good people and am friends with many to this day.

  5. A Polish American wedding reception on Staten Island in 1971.
    Blind date escort for a young woman.
    The church part was stunningly boring.
    The bride’s father had an open bar and he paid the bartenders by the bottles they emptied.
    Supper was 2″ thick prime rib that hung over the sides of the plates.
    Sometime after midnight an old lady got out of her wheelchair and started dancing to the band that was playing Polish old style music. Everyone stopped dancing and clapped and cheered. She had a hell of a time squatting down and kicking out her legs (some women held her) but she did it.

  6. My son’s wedding reception. The food was absolutely amazing and the beer was selected by a brewing fanatic. I understand some folks drank wine, too, though I’m not clear on why. And Mrs. RAM and I didn’t even have to pay for it! Of course there were a few other costs involved, but still, it was a great party.

  7. our wedding party lasted 3+ days on the beach in Hawaii. Luau for 150+,our friend the brewmaster brought 4 kegs of hemp ale,lots of live music, a fertility dance by a Hawaiian dance halau and more. Kayaks,canoes, a full moon…quite the way to start a marriage…oh yea, we paused 10 whole minutes for the ceremony 🙂

  8. New Year’s Eve 1990 involved hot tubs, mobsters, and a rocket launch over a chillier than usual Florida beach. Only cost me 1 long-term girlfriend. Totally worth it.

  9. There have been a few memorable ones:
    A party we threw when my friend, Rich, and I lived on the grounds of an old estate. We called it The Clubhouse and had every sort of lawn sport and outdoor activity known to western civilization including cross country croquet that went through the woods, down to the river and back. Rich was working with the construction crew I had worked with the year before, and I was in summer theater. We invited both groups as a sociological experiment. We steamed bushels of oysters, smoked a turkey and one of the actors, a native of NOLA, made a pot of gumbo.The experiment was a stunning success.
    My book party, but that was for whole other reasons. The invitation read: 12 years, 5 rewrites, 3 agents, 2 titles and 1 goddamn good reason to party.
    There have been others, but those two stand out.

  10. I had a Halloween party, oh in maybe 1976 or 77 or so, had lots of music, much alcohol…things were a blur for most of us. Had a friend pull his car up into the front yard of the house I rented, and blasted out Jerry Jeff Walker and Willie Nelson at the top of the capability for his stereo system. Neighbors called the cops. They came and left and we all kept on. Someone got my dog drunk so she threw up on my roommate’s bed. I was busy pushing the dog out the back door onto the screened in porch, so I was bent over, with my head at about waist level, when I pushed her out the door and got an eye full of two people who I had never seen before, screwing on my back porch. They just smiled at me. I woke up the next morning and found another guy I had never seen before sleeping on my couch.
    Ah, good times. Nowadays if I knew my 19 year old son was doing this, I guess I’d have to say he certainly got that from his mom.

  11. I just went to the wedding of a good friend’s daughter, and if it wasn’t the best party I’ve ever been to, it was tied for first. I have known the bride since she was eight years old!
    I was sober the whole time, wore a dress and makeup (actually!) that got rave reviews, and danced for about two hours. My legs and bum are so stiff today I can hardly walk. The bride and her dad did a hilarious choreographed dance for their “father-daughter dance” (and if the video goes up on YouTube I am going to link it everywhere!) that used the main theme from “Beauty and the Beast,” “Backstreet’s Back,” and “Thriller,” among other things. When it was time for the bride’s dad to give his speech, he and I had worked up a schtick that included a recipe, magician’s flash paper, and a string of bandannas tied together by the corners with a pair of my scandalous panties tied to the end, which wound up on the floor in front of the head table. (“Are those panties?!” “Oh my god! Those are underwear!” “Where did he get those?!”)
    The bride’s dad and I missed the cake-cutting because we were dancing together to “The Twist.” I haven’t laughed so hard in months. 🙂

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