Europe’s Crazy Uncle Strikes Again

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi recently survived a rebellion in his party and a no confidence vote. Another thing that survived is his status as ahuman gaffe machine and Europe’s crazy uncle:

Putting politics aside, he then launched into a series of anecdotes
and apparent jokes that promptly drew accusations of anti-Semitism and
even mental instability from opposition politicians.

The former
cruise ship entertainer told a joke in which Adolf Hitler is begged by
his supporters to return to power after they discover he is still alive.
After resisting, Hitler says: “I’ll come back, but on one condition …
next time I’m going to be evil.”

Fabio Evangelisti, a member of parliament for the oppositionItaly
of Values party, demanded Berlusconi apologise to Israel and the
Italian Jewish community. The party’s leader, Antonio Di Pietro, said:
“At this point the problem is not political or judicial, but

Turning his attention to the economy, Berlusconi
jokingly advised young Italians to marry into money, adding: “I have a
daughter who is free to marry.”

Now separated from his wife
following the scandal over his friendship with the teenage model Noemi
Letizia, Berlusconi said he was also an eligible candidate for four
reasons: “I am friendly, I have money, legend has it I know how to do
‘it’, and lastly because girls think: ‘He’s old and rich, he will die
soon and I will inherit everything.'”

Hmm, I wonder what Silvio seasons his foot with? Marinara sauce? Pesto?

The wonderful thing about Crazy Uncle Silvio is his versatility: different news outlets focused on different gaffes. The headline on some outlets went with the “marry for money” gaffe while the Guardian among others went with the “Hitler joke” gaffe. There was also a sub-gaffe: Silvio blamed “left wing refs” for a recent loss of his futbol team.

Crazy Uncle Silvio: the gift that keeps on giving. I wonder how long until the Italian people either put him out to pasture or lock him in the proverbial attic…


4 thoughts on “Europe’s Crazy Uncle Strikes Again

  1. In times of international economic mayhem, it sure is reassuring to have a fascist in charge of Italy.
    But hey, I’m sure it’s good for a laugh. I’d extend this sarcasm further, but Mr. Godwin stands in the way.

  2. Actually, Gummo, Berlusconi *is* funny in a sort of Jack E Leonard way. Fat Jack, however, wasn’t the PM of a European country.
    @Tom: Berlusconi has lost his absolute majority and may not be long for office. He’s only a fascist in his fantasies. Of course, he obviously has an active fantasy life…

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