Malaka Of The Week: David Irving

Malakatude comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s farcical but occasionally it’s something evil that oozes out into the light of day from a dark place in the human soul. That’s the case with David Irving. Irving started off as a respected World War II historian until he became the world’s foremost Holocaust denier.Irving is back in the news with another assault on human decency:

Irving will be shadowed by thePolish
secret service as he takes a week-long guided trip round various sites
related to the German occupation of Poland, including a trip to the
notorious SS-run camp Treblinka, where more than 800,000 Jews died between
1942 and 1943.

The £1,500-a-head tour, organised by Irving’s Focal Point Publications
website, will also visit Heinrich Himmler’s bunker in Hochward as well as
Adolf Hitler’s Wolf’s Lair headquarters in Ketrzyn, as well as a series of
lectures, and screening of the German film Downfall, about the last days of
Hitler, featuring commentary by Irving.

A spokesman for the Polish Embassy in London said they were aware of the visit
and it will be “under strict observation by the Polish authorities”.

Linda Paterson, chief executive of Yad Vashem UK, the Holocaust remembrance
group, said Irving’s presence at the concentration camps was “totally
inappropriate and confrontational”.

One Polish war survivor said: “Our people suffered very cruelly under the
Nazis and this man should never be allowed in the country.”

Irving was jailed in 2006 in Austria under the 1945 Prohibition of
Reactivation law, a Stalin-era law against reviving the Nazi party.

Sigh. I saw a video clip of Irving denouncing the Polish government for Disneyfication of the death camps but who is he to criticize anything having to do with them? His position on the nature of the camps has changed so many times over the years that I don’t know what it is right now. Sometimes, Irving concedes that the Shoah occurred but without Hitler’s knowledge. Other times, Irving claims that people weren’t gassed and that the numbers of the dead have been greatly exaggerated. He’s such a loathsome toad of a man that I do not care what his current position is.

So, will his tour consist of pointing out where things did not happen? All I know is that it’s obscene for David Irving to make a farthing as a “tour guide.” Fuck you, Mr. Irving. I hope your “tour” loses money and exposes you to the ridicule you deserve. Fuck you, for even making me think of you and your egregiously evil malakatude.


10 thoughts on “Malaka Of The Week: David Irving

  1. So what is his position on the other 5 million communist, Catholics, handicapped, etc. that also saw their demise( and are usually forgotten by everyone) in the Holocaust?

  2. Going to the saying that, if nothing else, a person could always serve as a bad example..
    Irving is a model on how folks can believe O’Donnel, etc.

  3. Do you suppose the Polish authorities would issue me a temporary vendor’s permit so that I could set up a rotten-egg-and-fruit concession on the day of Irving’s visit? I’m sure I could make a lot of money…

  4. See, this is my whole point in criticizing post-modern relativism. In areas where personal opinion is valid, like whether you love or hate Brett Favre in the NFL, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. But propagandists and corporate media have co-opted subjective reality and applied it universally to the objective world. Now, no matter what the level of dumb-assed fucktardery, whether it’s this shit-for-brains Holocaust denier, idiotic moon-landing hoaxers, or supply-side economists, opinions are accepted as a valid perception of reality. If we lived in a world based on the proper affirmation of objective reality, these people would be universally branded as kooks, cranks, morons, idiots and lunatics and put into psychotherapy instead of on “Meet the Press.” Jeebus!

  5. any years ago i went to a nazi estate sale. german, republikkklan books. living in the past. soon after nearby, i went to the sale of a polish underground immigrant. only knew because somebody said he was. he wanted to forget the war i think.
    deniers will never believe. they are like birthers-brain damaged

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