Song Of Love

The BS (Buffalo Springfield) mini-fest continues. Stephen Still has always been at his best in the context of a band. Here’s a track from his short-lived band Manassas’ first and best album. Okay so they only made two, so sue me.

It features Chris Hillman as Stephen’s second banana. I think Hillman’s white boy ‘fro trumps Stills’s muttonchop sideburns. Hmm, that’s a lot of food references. Buffalo burgers anyone?

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4 thoughts on “Song Of Love

  1. Oh my, that was tasty! And thank the gods white-boy ‘fros are history. I think Henley’s was even dorkier than Hillman’s but I hated both of them equally (the ‘fros, not the musicians).

  2. I got to interview Hillman for a local weekly during one of his solo tours. He is a mensch, having only good things to say about Stills and everyone else he’s worked with.

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