Okay, boyfriend spent entirely too much time up the ass of Obama’s supporters and not nearly enough time up the ass of Republicans, is my thought, but hey, come back here and be our mayor. It’ll be great. You can’t possibly screw it up any more than our spoiled boy king already has, the goddamn George W. Bush of Democratic city politics. Come on back here now that Daley has fixed up the parts of Chicago that Wisconsin and Michigan visit, and maybe we’ll have an Olympics. Ugh.

I was reading Politico this morning against the advice of my better angels and Mike Allen’s Morning Win or whatever the fuck that thing is called was full of stories about what’s on Obama’s iPod and what Obama thinks about Fox and what Ed Gillespie thinks about Obama, and then there wasthis:

Despite criticism that he’s too insular – and too reluctant to venture beyond his comfort zone — Obama feels little pressure to move outside the relatively small group of advisers and ex-campaign staffers who currently surround him in replacing Emanuel, aides say.

Nor is Obama expected to pick a permanent chief of staff until after the November midterms, when the full extent of Democratic losses and GOP gains is fully known.

The full extent. Of what’s already been determined. Meaning it’s over, and fuck it, let’s all go back to bed.


8 thoughts on “Rahmbamarama

  1. I’m sorry, I see any references to the Rambam and I think Maimonides – and Rahm Emanuel ain’t nowhere NEAR that kind of authority.

  2. Well, thank goodness the neo-liberals are in charge. I imagine if national Democrats actually listened to their liberal base, things would be so much worse. (How so, I’m not sure; liberal policies are far more popular than Third Way neolib policies. Nonetheless, this must all be Jane’s fault somehow.)

  3. What amazes me is that our president is reputed to be extremely smart and politically astute. Imagine if he wasn’t! Just think GWB, but cool.

  4. Ok, rationally now: the big problem is that Obama is unaware that the federal government is supposed to do anything except cater to the wealthy corporation honchos. Being that unaware, he seems to have no idea why anyone would be unhappy with him. Rahm? Just a typical Chicago pol.

  5. Tom Dart! He’s not Rahm. Rahm is going to be worse than Daley because he’ll have exactly the same policies, plus more open racial divisions, plus a budget disaster. You can’t work through all that by spewing bullshit. You have to wade into the shit and get some on you, something I don’t think Rahm has ever been interested in doing. Rahm is a bully and soft.
    But I’m sure we’ll here how his Uncle Les used to be a Chicago cop and that matters because I don’t know the fuck why. Also all the good shit Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama ever accomplished was because of Rahm. None of the shit that they did wrong was Rahm’s fault. Tom Dart could eat a live kitten on TV while kicking an old lady and I’d still support him over Rahm. Same for Scott Waguesspaoeak or Jesse Jackson Jr.. I’m not voting for Rahm over anybody but that bigoted Rev. Meeks and Ed Burke.

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