Jon Stewart Made a Lot of Shitty Movies

So apparently Jon Stewart’s success is due to his being a member of theSuper Seekrit Jewish Cabal of Jewy Jewishness, and not the result of working his ass off in stand-up which wasn’t very funny and other shows which weren’t very funny and movies which just flat-out hummed balls for like four decades. I mean, he’s not Justin Bieber, okay?

This is like that old joke about overnight success being the result of 30 years of fucking work. And by the way, watching rich famous people bitch about how other rich famous people got rich and famous is about as fun as cleaning the litter box, so there’s that, too.


3 thoughts on “Jon Stewart Made a Lot of Shitty Movies

  1. It’s so nice to know how many people think my Jewish tuchus runs the world. If it weren’t such hate-filled talk, I would OWN it, thanks. 8-P

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