9 thoughts on “Someone Put A Guard In The Basilica of St. Clare In Assisi

  1. Holy fucking balls, did I just put up a post with no profanities?
    What the fuck was I thinking? I must be one loopy-headed cocksucker today.

  2. My Savior is Tougher than Nails, but weaker than lag screws. Tougher than neoprene, but weaker than teflon. Tougher than aluminum but weaker than titanium.
    Now what?

  3. If their ‘faith’ is so ‘strong’ – WHY are they so easily led to fight and screech for it when something like this is on exhibit that doesn’t actually threaten them??? They must NOT be very devout if a simple image is that distressing to them – making them stray from their straight and narrow minds.
    I hope that crowbar crackhead has to pay for the damage to the gallery, and for the piece and have a full-on psych eval.

  4. Sticks and stones and names and comics and music an’ libruls an’ degenerate art an’ movies an’, an’, an’… organic yogurt! will hurt me…

  5. “Tougher than nails?” Wasn’t that an ad for Crazy Glue? (And no, I didn’t see that coming, either.)
    But how does someone walk in past police with a crowbar?

  6. “I’m still in shock,” Chagoya said. “I can’t believe it. If someone doesn’t agree with me, that is their right. But to disagree violently takes us back to an era when free expression was not the rule.”
    And yet, the comments’ section with the “Chagoya needs a conversion to see the light” bullshit. Where’s a fucking desk? I need to bludgeon my head against it.

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