Friday Ferretblogging

It’s shedding season. It’s fattening up for winter season, too, so the boys have become beefy, lazy bastards.


Claire’s making sure to bulk up:


Speaking of ferrets, if you’re in the Chicago area tomorrow, come out and see ALL the furbies at theGreater Chicago Ferret Association’s annual ferret show. It’s like a dog show, but more ridiculous. And there will be breeder ferrets there, by which I mean unsnipped ferrets, by which I mean ferrets the size of CATS. I’ll be manning the raffle/auction benefit table, so come by and say hello.


2 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging

  1. But will it be ‘more ridiculous’ than a cat show? I thought dog show folks were bad…UNTIL I went to the cat show one year… Wow!
    Here’s to a great turnout and lots of good ferret-helping donations! 🙂

  2. cat ferrets? does this mean my cats are molting too? no, i think it’s later in Oct. basil isn’t a cloud of hair when i pet him. but the erp piles are up…

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