Tara Cards?

Apologies to my NOLA readers but I’ve decided to recycle this post for my national congregation. I wanna hear what sort of smart ass comments y’all have. Amen.

It comes from a NOPD press release so naturally it’s in blue:

I complained a few weeks ago about gettingblue spammed by the NOPD. I hereby retract that comment. There’s comedy gold to be mined from them thar press releases. Here’s the latest:

Superintendent of Police Ronal W. Serpas discusses the brief case incident that occurred on Tuesday, October 5, 2010, in Jackson Square:

On October 5, 2010, at 9:39 A.M., Eighth District officers were dispatched to Chartres and Saint Ann Streets regarding a large red suitcase in front of a restaurant in that area. Officers quickly responded and were on scene minutes later at 9:43 A.M. The officers located the suitcase at which time a Cabildo Police Officer advised the officers that the case belonged to a Tara Card reader. Upon further investigation, the officers opened the case and found the case to contain a table cloth and Tara Cards which is consistent to the belongings of a Tara Card Reader. The officers were able to locate the owner, a Tara Card reader, who was setting up a stand in the area.

On this same day, at 10:32 A.M., officers were dispatched a second time to Jackson Square regarding luggage in front of a location for an unknown amount of hours; luggage could be located a few feet away from a bench. Again, officers quickly responded and were on scene minutes later at 10:37 A.M. Upon arrival, the officers located the same Tara Card reader, near a bench, to be in possession of the same suitcase.

Superintendent Serpas said, “After a review of the incident, it was found that the officers responded properly and followed proper procedures in handling the incident.”

The first time I read tara cards I assumed it was a typo. It was not. So, I turned on the deep thought machine. Is tara Yat for terror? Probably not. It could, however, involveGone With The Windtrading cards; you know like baseball cards. I’m very interested in getting my hands on a Prissy “I don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ no babies, Miz Scarlet” card or a Scarlet and the harlot card. Hmm, I wonder if Bitter Vitter is a Belle Watling fan? Instead, it’s all about a tarot card reader who keeps leaving her suitcase on the Square. Boring.

9 thoughts on “Tara Cards?

  1. ZOMG.
    I think Scarlett O’Hara used Tara Cards.
    As an aside, Ron Serpas was Nashville’s chief of police. He left us for you.

  2. Phalamir says:

    Well, at least you aren’t in Alabama, where they consider the “Googlin’ Box” to be demon-magic and think writing is a sure sign of being gay (and possibly Yankee).

  3. Cards w pics of the Goddess Tara on them?

  4. cathyx says:

    The police should have told the tara card reader to take her whole kitten caboodle and go to another town.

  5. Adrastos says:

    Oddly enough, SB, I like the Chief. He’s made a positive impact already and came to RT and performed very well. He just needs a press person who knows that tara and tarot aren’t the same thing.

  6. somethingblue says:

    Did they find any Buffy or Willow cards?

  7. I can spell tarot (and many other words correctly) and I like Serpas, too (even got my pic w/him at RTV) – I’ll be his press person. That will help him AND get me a job in NOLA!

  8. Snarki, child of Loki says:

    It’s just amazing how a big red suitcase gets attention, isn’t it?

  9. Tom Allen says:

    Tara reader: “That’s the Scarlett O’Hara card, reversed!”
    Customer: “Whatever does it mean?”
    Tara reader: “It means… um… yesterday is another day? Oh, and you shall go hungry again.”

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