I’m old enough to have voted for Jerry Brown for Governor in 1978. In 2010, he’s one of the bright spots in a rather bleak landscape for Democrats. The Brown camp took a lot of criticism for not going on the air earier but their strategy of letting voters get sick of Meg Whitman seems to be working. Well done, y’all.

Here’s another clever commercial from the Brown campaign that twins Whitman with outgoing and very unpopular Governor Ahnuld:

It also reminds us of the putrid “comedy” with Ahnuld and Danny DeVito as Twins. Louie DePalma would have mopped the floor with those bozos.

2 thoughts on “Twins

  1. Geez, the Brown campaign is two for two in the Down To The Wire Sweepstakes.
    Too bad they couldn’t find a clip of Whitman saying, “Kally-fohn-ya,” because that would have iced it. 🙂

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