This Man Has a Major Newspaper Column


I will listen to wank about civility and decency and gatekeeping in traditional journalism after he is fired. Until then, seriously, cool it about how the Internet says fuck a lot.

I swear, every once in a while it bothers me, that of all the things I’ve said in this space that have been objectionable to lots of people, I’ve never called for anyone’s murder and yet baby up there is famous and I’m begging people to return my calls. Every once in a while, it gets very, very discouraging.


9 thoughts on “This Man Has a Major Newspaper Column

  1. Funny. That didn’t work the way I wanted it to at all. I had wrote “Yer steppin’ on my toes here. But Typepad hates me.

  2. He most definitely does NOT have a better mom. He has a more famous, well-connected-to-total-assholes mom, but he does not have a better mom.
    My mom could so totally kick Lucianne Goldberg’s ass.

  3. Why? Because this man is a member of the 101st fighting Keyboarders. War and killing is merely an abstraction to him–that’s left to others, while he pounds out bloodthirsty and patriotic screeds from a very, very safe distance. So it’s easy for him to be tough and blase when talking about how someone needs to be offed.
    Yes, it’s easy to be hard when you’re a Pillowbutt Patriot…

  4. How can he stand to look at himself in the mirror?
    I mean, all that flashing neon reading I AM AN OVERCOMPENSATING LITTLE ASSHOLE must get kind of glarey from time to time, no?

  5. different standards for rich white conservatives. They are not required to be respectable human beings.

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