Friday Ferretblogging: Movin’ On Up Edition

The ferrets are caged when we’re not here, mostly for their safety because they get into EVERYTHING RIOT GET OUT OF MY BAG, and lately, we’ve been not here a lot. The magnificent ferret condo we bought for the late Fox seven years ago was really too small for three ferrets, even if Claire is secretly a hamster, and when we leave for the weekend I always feel guilty about cooping them up for 24 hours straight. It’s been time to upgrade for a while. So this week we did:


The dingos now live in the ferret equivalent of a McMansion with a four-car garage. The whole thing is one cage, but can be divided into two with this locking ramp thing so in case one ferret gets sick and needs recuperating time, no more borrowing a travel cage from someone for that. AND it’s on wheels, making cleaning under and around it so much easier.

They love it. They can play in it, chase each other up and down the ramps, have sleeping spots separately or together. They’re not entirely used to it yet, as they’re still convinced they can find a way to get out of it if they just lick the bars enough:


It actually looks pretty empty with just the three of them in it. I think we may need a couple more ferrets to really fill it out.


8 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Movin’ On Up Edition

  1. My first thought was that you needed a lock, then I remembered these are ferrets not parrots.
    Though Claire could probably figure out how to skype Jeebs and then he could walk her through opening the doors and escaping.

  2. Awesome new digs for the furry pranksters. Hope they live long, happy lives and reward you with the same.

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