DSTWTFUS: Wade! Wade! Wade!

Going out of turn because forward or backwards, the daylight savings transition is tough and we need some WTFU up in here.
Hence, Mavis.
Mighty. Mighty. The lady said “Wade!” Y’all get to it.

There’s a seven-minute version of this on the very wonderfulLive: Hope at the Hideout. I listen to it nearly every day on my commute and I swear that track is as essential to my wellbeing as any of the meds I take.

Take heed y’all, this woman is stillvery much with us and performing regularly. If you haven’t seen her live, you got no damn excuse. She’s one of our treasures and she WILL take you there.

2 thoughts on “DSTWTFUS: Wade! Wade! Wade!

  1. One of the most transcendental – and I mean it literally- performers I’ve ever seen live.

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