Governor Meemaw On W’s Katrina Spin

Former President Beavis’ book has a chapter on Hurricane Katrina.According to Bush, the only mistakes he made were PR ones: he coulda shoulda spun it better. This is, of course, patent nonsense but that’s how the W in denial book tour is spinning it.

According to Bush, the ones who made the big mistakes were mostly Louisiana Democrats. First, Senator Mary Landrieu was guilty of being emotional as her hometown drowned. Imagine that. Second, Governor Meemaw (aka Kathleen Babineaux Blanco) should have let him federalize the Louisiana National Guard to deal with the “insurrection” in New Orleans. As with so much else, Bush is dead wrong on that score. That was actually Blanco’s finest moment during the crisis: there was *no* insurrection, it was an attempt by W’s handlers to spin the event in their favor.

The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina destroyed Blanco’s political career. Despite a tendency to speak English as a second language, she was a pretty good Governor who had a good shot at re-election before the levees broke. I miss Gov. Meemaw’s malaprops but I miss having a Governor who gives a shit about the Gret Stet; especially higher education. Her successor seems poised tohot foot it out of town despite his claims that he’s “got the job I want.” PBJ still has high approval ratings but they’re poised to crater during the next legislative session when many painful and excessive budget cuts are expected to be made.

Anyway, Katie Moore of WWL-TV caught up with former Governor Meemaw at theCarville-Matalin festthat I had to miss yesterday because I was waiting for a repairman who never showed:

16 thoughts on “Governor Meemaw On W’s Katrina Spin

  1. Mark Gstohl says:

    Seems Angela’s intro refutes your claim about Bush’s book. Hmmmm. Who should I trust here…

  2. virgotex says:

    Those inept Lousiana Dems and mean mean Kanye. Poor little pwesident, so misunderstood.

  3. Maitri says:

    Once I wrote down that I weighed 140 lbs instead of 160 lbs. The more I read it, the more I believed it. Schmuck’s thinking is that shallow.

  4. Adrastos says:

    @mark: The intro and the story did not match. Even Angela is not always right.

  5. Dude! You have been adopted by the American Pie Party.!/EPluribusPiem/status/2391314620481536
    Jus’sayin… not surprised.

  6. Adrastos says:

    I saw that Editilla. I’m pie eyed…

  7. dan mcenroe says:

    Fucker actually calls it an “insurrection?” For real? As in, the newly homeless of the 9th ward were going to what, take over the State? That’s just unreal. I’m gobsmacked.

  8. rickbrah says:

    what a load of horse crap.
    my image is more important than the person on the street who is going thru hell on earth.
    may they be roommates in hell for eternity.

  9. Mee-maw's grandson says:

    “She was a pretty good Governor”
    Get the hell out of here. This is the woman whose solution to New Orleans filling with water was a day of prayer. She was awful.
    “PBJ still has high approval ratings but they’re poised to crater during the next legislative session when many painful and excessive budget cuts are expected to be made.”
    There’s no way you believe this. If it is, you might live too close to power lines.

  10. Adrastos says:

    I do indeed believe that PBJ’s ratings are headed down. The rumblings are already there. The next session of the lege is going to be hell on earth for him and everyone else.
    As to Meemaw, she was a decent Governor but screwed the pooch during and after the storm.

  11. Ugg Boots says:

    Boy! What have I done? What luck!

  12. pansypoo says:

    had to be republikkklan bus companies. go fuck yourself.

  13. Mee-maw's grandson says:

    “As to Meemaw, she was a decent Governor but screwed the pooch during and after the storm.”
    So she was a decent governor just sucked during the most important moment? That makes sense.

  14. rickbrah says:

    you sir, need to pull your head out of your big fat greek ass.
    dude get out of uptown and take a slow tour of the rest of our city.
    god bless and happy holidays.

  15. Rick and Mee-maw’s grandson, no matter how bad a job she might have done in other areas, the criticism about federalizing the guard was an attempt to pass the buck by the Bush administration, but it worked and did help take some the heat off Bush for a while. Also, I remember doing a few posts defending Blanco, not because I liked her, but because the local media went along that attack — or, at best, treated it as a he said/she said matter.
    She was obviously a failure, but she got a few things right. The LNG facility comes to mind and she also knew how to negotiate with the feds over offshore revenue better than Landrieu, Vitter, Jindal and whoever else was responsible for the shitty deal we did get. Since most progressive New Orleanians enjoyed feeling morally superior to nimbyists, she didn’t get enough credit for ending the FEMA trailer impasse that Nagin was content to let drag on.

  16. Adrastos says:

    When I referred to Meemaw as a pretty good Governor, I was talking about pre-K. She looked like a reasonably good bet for re-election and then everything went to hell.
    David makes some very good and salient points. Even failed leaders do some things right: even W scores some points with me for urging tolerance of Muslims after 9/11. Those are the only points he scores with me but it’s something…

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