Friday Ferretblogging: Sleepy Dingos

They have this huge cage now, but more often than not I’ll find them all crammed into the same corner of it:


Though Claire does have her own special thing, a little tuffet type thing we bought for Riot when he was small and which he’s now outgrown. She’ll stuff herself in with only her wee little nose poking out:



13 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Sleepy Dingos

  1. Help! One of my two new fuzzies has absconded with the remote. I have already crawled all over the house on my knees looking for her stash place. I even tried leaving another remote as bait to see where she put that one, but, of course, she is practicing ferret random dissipation strategy and I only learned of another hiding place. Any ideas? I know I’m being tested and obviously I cannot lose or I’m screwed forever.

  2. “Iz snuggleh in mah tuffet and iz nawt commin owt…evar*!” đŸ™‚
    *=unless nommins and cuddles are to be had.

  3. Garbo, is there a couch she can get inside? Riot used to like to hide stuff in the couch lining and we never saw it until we caught him in there one night like Scrooge in the counting house. Little bastard.

  4. re tuffets and couches I have purchased several “tuffet” type snuggly things for my parrot because he is SUPPOSED to LOVE THEM. He hates them/is terrified of them all but loves tunneling down inside my voluminous leather couch and armchairs, also crawling inside my clothing, when I am in it. Also, smelly hiking boots=nirvana.
    agree w/maitri. I’d like a half order of ferret potstickers pls.

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