First Draft Warmth Project: Week 2 Update

As of this update, we’re at$236 raised for thefood and clothing collection in Evergreen Park.

We also have a dozen coats, ranging from midweight fleece things to some really nice heavyweight kids’ coats:


The project continues; I’ll update once a week until the end of the month. The temperature’s dropping. The need won’t be going away. Even leaving aside the idea that any of the courses of action recommended by the feed-the-rich, starve-the-poor, hey-nobody’s-complaining-so-far crowd will actually improve the economy, it sure as hell ain’t gonna happen before the snow is knee high.

Got a coat? Drop me an e-mail. Got a couple bucks? Throw them at the jar with “coats” in the comment box. Doc is collecting some coats to deliver over Thanksgiving, I’m going to be picking some up in Chicago and Madison over the next couple weekends, so ask your friends and family if they’ve got a spare sitting in the closet and we’ll figure out how to railroad it on down to the folks who need it.

And thank you to everybody who’s contributed so far. This is a tough time. We can’t all do everything. But enough of us can do a little, that it adds up to a lot.


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