He walked in circles till he was crazy and he lived that way forever

We drove past thishellhole on I-10 the way to and from Rising Tide.


We live in a country where slackjawed yokels pass a billbanning Sharia law in fucking Oklahoma but inhumane idiot shit like this is still legal.

I know that fighting individual instances of stuff like this is time-consuming and is not as efficient a strategy as taking aim at the biggerregulatory picture, butif you can please help.

Big Cat Rescue


8 thoughts on “He walked in circles till he was crazy and he lived that way forever

  1. Tiger Truck Stop? You have got to be fucking kidding me. I hate to say it, but man, only in the South do people think this shit is okay.

  2. Wait. I should have said “some people think this shit is okay.” Because obviously there are some people in the South trying to stop this shit.

  3. Mothra, thanks for the qualification and you know I’m not just trying to pick on you in comments, nor am I trying to be revisionist because history speaks for itself, but stupidity and inhumanity aren’t limited to south of the Mason Dixon line. People traffick, abuse and exploit animals, small and large, exotic and domestic, in every state in the country. If you think otherwise, take the time to do the homework.
    Look at the rescue files on Big Cat rescue (which, btw, is centered in FL) They’re currently seeking help trying to rescue two cougars from a back yard in Elizabethtown, IL. Not the south.
    In 2003, some insane asshole in Harlem – the one in NYC, was discovered to be keeping an alligator, a tiger and LION in his apartment.
    Only 18 states in the US have total bans on the ownership of big cats. Those 18 states are not all “blue” progressive Democrat party run states. GASP, some are even in the south. Conversely, there are otherwise progressive states that have no regulatory framework for protecting big cats or any exotic predators from private ownership.
    The assumption that all the stupid awful slackjawed bad people live in one specific place, or that they just live somewhere elseother than the supposed enclaves you or any one else thinks of as progressive and enlightened? That dog don’t hunt, son.

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