Sponge Bath City

Say what? That’s my new nickname for New Orleans. We are having a citywide water outage at this writing. Outage may be an exaggeration but it’s a mere trickle. Jeez, we go from too much water to too little. This low water pressure is giving me high blood pressure.

New Orleanians repeat after me: this fucking city.

Hey, Athenae, can we shower at your crib this morning? I’ll bring Bucky a treat because we ain’t got no water. I’ll let Roger, Pete, Moonie and the Ox explain it:

One thought on “Sponge Bath City

  1. Things are still sketchy water-wise where we are. i hope we can do some freaking laundry – otherwise it’ll be washer-dryer monopolization at my parents’ to start the hollerdays.

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