My life really has been incredibly enriched by all the gloriousness here on the Internet.

So thank you.


6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. pansypoo says:

    yay! internats.

  2. thebewilderness says:

    May the light
    always find you
    on a dreary day.
    When you need to be home,
    may you find your way.
    May you always have courage
    to take a chance,
    And never find frogs in your

  3. gil mann says:

    Hey, I do what I can. Y’know, gloriousnesswise.

  4. Adrastos says:

    I feel the same way, A. I really love our First Draft community. Y’all, rock.

  5. dancinfool says:

    Back atcha!

  6. Interrobang says:

    You too, Athenae. 🙂
    Happy fakey Thanksgiving. 😉 (The real one was on 10 October. *g* )

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