Delayed Gratification

As you’ve all surely heard by now, the Bug Man has been stepped on by a jury of his peers deep in the heart of Texas. The best (and funniest) thing I’ve seen written about Delay’s money laundering conviction comes fromTexas blogger Juanita Jean who used to be represented (misrepresented?) by Delay:

Since 1985 I have been trying to tell you people that Tom’s a crook. I would personally like to thank Ronnie Earle, Texas’ DA, and the fine folks of the Travis County DA’s office for not backing down. Ronnie Earle would fight a rattlesnake with one arm tied behind his back and give the snake three bites head start. And he’s so honest that you could shoot dice with him over the phone.

I imagine that the words “I will destroy you,” have suddenly disappeared from Tom DeLay’s daily vocabulary. I honestly don’t know if they sell Viagra for hammers.

4 thoughts on “Delayed Gratification

  1. Tom DeLay will never server a day in prison. He saved Texas through a forced redistricting that kept Hispanic Americans away from power in Texas, at least for a few more years. Anglo Texas owes Tom DeLay and will never let him serve time in a Texas prison whose funding he cut.

  2. You may be right, Brenda. That’s up to the Judge. I expect the conviction to be appealed forever and he’s unlikely to go to jail during the process. The bottom line is that Delay is a convicted felon and that pleases me,

  3. My prediction is something like a 5 year sentence, suspended, but I agree that the appeals will take forever, and if it gets to the US Supreme Court, the conviction will be overturned because laws don’t apply to Republicans.

  4. Unfortunately, justice moves slowly. So slowly that everyone has forgotten him being central to the republican machine. Forgotten all his “friends” in Congress. Forgotten K-Street. etc.
    Unfortunately, he is yesterday’s news to most folk who will never connect the dots to the implications for today.

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