The Jayhawks meet the Boss

Uh, that’s an exaggeration but what’s a bit of exaggeration among friends? Even virtual ones. Holy sentence fragment, Batman. Anyway, I’ve been on Springsteen bender of late so I reckoned that I should combine that with the long running series, Adrastos’ Obsession with the Jayhawks.

These tunes are dedicated to my friends in colder climes and meant to ward off the elements and bring on the sun or something like that. Another paragraph, another exaggeration.

First, Bruce and the E Street worthies:

Now, it’s time for Adrastos’ Obsession with the Jayhawks. It’s the dream team of Mark, Gary, Karen, Tim and Marc live on German teevee in 1995:

There’s a whole lotta of waiting going on here at First Draft. Oh waiter, there’s a fly in my soup…