Seriously Could They Ever NOT Screw Anything Up?

This is like watching a group of puppies try to play soccer:

The report aimed to refute, specifically, the “hockey stick” theory introduced by Michael Mann. Mann’s graphs showed the world’s temperature staying about the same for centuries before spiking with the Industrial Revolution.

Barton wanted to take Mann down. In preparation for hearing on climate change, Barton demanded Mann turn over all his raw data and software, as well as information on all his sources of funding.

Indeed, Wegman’s report — which apparently heavily plagiarized textbooks and Wikipedia — challenged the validity of Mann’s peer review by noting the connections between Mann and the fellow climatologists that reviewed his data, suggesting an untoward coziness.

Outside the committee, the report was seized on by other climate change skeptics, including theWall Street Journal, which wrote an editorial bashing the idea that there was a consensus that global warming is real.

Textbooks andWikipedia. An undergrad taking rocks-for-jocks would be ashamed and offended at the stupidity. I mean, seriously, I put more energy into cheating at Scrabble.

First of all, you never plagiarize from something that’s online, it’s too easy to check. Second, this is a supposed university professor, you would think he’d have more access than anyone to sophisticated cheating techniques. Just ask one of your students, Jesus, this is dumb.

I think I’m just mostly annoyed that these are the great minds the American people have decided should run the country. Ideologically blinded, and bigots, nothing new, but I would at least ask that if you’re going to be our new evil overlords, could you at least be competent? It’s one thing to choose between stupid and evil; it’s another to decide to just put your shoulder into it and be BOTH.


8 thoughts on “Seriously Could They Ever NOT Screw Anything Up?

  1. “these are the great minds the American people have decided should run the country”
    No, none of the people making this enormous mess were drafted. No group of voters had any involvement in the “selection.” These are not quality people being chosen, these are people who attract attention through advertising or by being “in the news.” Not quality.
    The so called democratic process does not draft people. These are all people who were “self selected.”
    Positive proof that there is no choice in the quality of the “elected” officials is the large number of political races that are won by a tiny percentage of the votes. The truth is that, when two candidates receive almost exactly 50 percent of the vote, the only logical conclusion is that the electorate really does not want either one of them.

  2. I don’t know that you can expect great leaders to arise from a population in which more people believe in witchcraft than global warming. Most people that are smart enough probably give up dealing with the idiocy at an early age.

  3. At least there’s none of that untoward coziness among the climate change “skeptics”, Barton, the carbon energy producers, and the WSJ. None at all.

  4. CVS, why is it that that Witchcraft and global warming can’t both be believed in? I mean, folks believe in Christianity and global warming. I’m a Witch and I believe in global warming.

  5. a group of puppies playing soccer would be the cutest damn thing on the planet, and I would probably watch it for hours.
    climate change denial and a an unconvincing pastiche of plagerized, bowdlerized information would not merit a second glance between trimming the curds from beneath my toe nails.

  6. Well, Ms. Ravenwind, the point I was making was that they believe Witchcraft over global warming. If you want to substitute Christianity for Witchcraft, I have no problem with that 🙂
    However, the fact that you believe in global warming shows that you are at least receptive to science. So, good for you!

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