Hats off to Admiral Mullen

As the DADT debate continues to meander its way through Congress, I’d like to praise Secretary Gates and Admiral Mullen. They’ve emerged as passionate advocates for the lifting of DADT unlike anyone at the White House; especially the President whose Mr. Spock tendencies seem to have exploded since becoming the Oval One. Fascinating.

Back to praising Admiral Mike Mullen. Here’s the money passage from theWapo’s coverage of his Senate testimony:

He [Mullen] added: “There are some for whom this debate is all about gray areas. There is no gray area here. We treat each other with respect, or we find another place to work. Period. That’s why I also believe leadership will prove vital.”

Emerging as a forceful, impassioned proponent for repealing the law, Mullen said current policy “doesn’t make any sense to me,” because it requires troops to lie about their identity while serving for a military that values integrity.

Well said, sir. I realize that Senator Walnuts and his ilk would like to see DADT repeal advocates walk the plank and land in a school of tuna that will be caught by Japanese fisherman and eventually end up in Oscar’s bowl as cat food. Mmm, semi-human tuna.

Hey wait a minute, that’s cannibalism. Oh, that’s right, Oscar just *thinks* he’s human. Della, on the other hand, believes in the innate superiority of Della Street and does so very loudly.

How I went from praising Admiral Mullen to discussing my cat’s Della-centric view of the universe is a mystery even to me. Consider it a prelude to catblogging, y’all.

Anyway, Admiral Mullen, I salute you. You’re a true leader and a voice of sanity in the midst of the silly billies who want to stick with a failed policy and are obsessed with soldiers and sailors showering together.

Get a room, dipshits.

6 thoughts on “Hats off to Admiral Mullen

  1. Hey, now, Spock was a decisive man of action, although his action was dictated by logic. Don’t compare the wishy-washy conservative in the White House with him.

  2. I don’t think Obama has that “lift one eyebrow” thing mastered quite yet. Perhaps he can learn it from Colbert, although Obama seems to be learningentirely too much from Colbert already.
    And it would be awesome if Obama used the Vulcan Nerve Pinch on McConnell.

  3. I think its great to see the military leading the pack on this. As an ex-submariner, speaking for myself, I always thought that DADT was one of the stupidest policies the military ever had to endure, right up there with *protecting* women by keeping them out of combat operations. The military has led the pack on integrating people of all walks of life into an honed machine. Why should this be any different?

  4. @Robbie: You have a point there but I was thinking in terms of passion. Mullen has become *very* passionate on the subject of repealing DADT whereas the Prez is diffident about almost everything.

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