Weekend Question Thread

What are your plans/resolutions for the new year?


12 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Jude says:

    I’m making the same one I make every year: Nothin’.
    I mean, you just can’t improve on perfection. Unless maybe I should learn to be less modest.

  2. adrastos says:

    Nothing from nothing means nothing but you gotta have something if you wanna dance with me. Why I love quoting Billy Preston is beyond me but I do.
    Unlike Jude, I’m wildly imperfect but I do not make resolutions. We cannot all be as awesome as Jude.

  3. Not making resolutions this year – making things happen instead. I’m moving to NOLA. The push is for a job, since a friend has graciously offered her extra bedroom and will welcome the catzes.
    Physical changes started in December, when I began to stretch again after waking and later before going to bed. Am making more of my food (well, cooking it, not planting/feeding/growing it…) and going to spend more effort on the process rather than take the easy way out all the time. Mantra: veggies are our friend…even if I do negate some of the good w/the butter I’ll saute’ them in…but the ones cooked w/the roast in the slow cooker…gotta be good, too, right?
    I’ve even jumped into the blogosphere (and NOT myspace! updated linky w/my name) – it’s paltry for now, but it’s my beginner effort, so easy on the critique.
    Happy New Year folks! Let’s make this year OURS!

  4. gil mann says:

    My resolution is to make better plans; my plan is to get a TV with better resolution.

  5. pansypoo says:

    make more art.

  6. coldH2Owi says:

    Given that the ReThugs completely control Wisco I have no enthusiasm to make any sort of resolution today. But, maybe I’ll try to turn the most beautiful pen possible, maybe I’ll try to get the best Gordon Setter bird dog I can find, maybe I’ll write more poems that mean something, maybe I’ll sit & blog about Wisco becoming wonderful, just like Mississippi, or Alabama, or, except for NOLA, Louisiana. After all these years, I’m in a sort of fog of astonishment at just how fucking stupid Americans, Wiscoites, really are, & yes, I’m an elitist, I read books & stuff.

  7. Interrobang says:

    To get an income larger than my outlays before too much longer.

  8. CybScryb says:

    Finish the novel I’m working on and get started on the next.

  9. hoppy says:

    My plan is to try to stay healthy for another year. Once you pass 70 that may be the most common plan. Right now, the first day of the year I feel terrible, but I plan to feel better tomorrow – think positive.

  10. RAM says:

    I don’t do resolutions. But Mrs. RAM has decided I need to eschew my normal hermetic behavior and get out more, so it looks like we shall travel by auto this year, probably to Maine and then head up to Canada to see Louisbourg. The walking will probably kill me, but hey, I’ve got pain pills and I’m not afraid to use them. I’d love to go back to Scotland, but I refuse to debase myself before the TSA’s disgusting and un-American jackbooted thugs so no flying for me, probably ever again. I was also thinking it’s time I probably ought to stop worrying and learn to love the bomb.

  11. liprap says:

    My son noted that I’ve kept my “resolution” so far, but then I started it well before 1/1/11: I’m going to the gym a lot more. First resolution I’ve ever made, but it had nothing to do with New Year’s.
    Otherwise, I concur with Pistolette.
    Making any new year’s resolution in this town regarding eating better is folly, indeed, but I am liking getting into a groove on the rowing machine.
    And Els, I got your blog in my blogroll, so you better get crackin’ on some posts, lady. C’mon down. So glad you’re gonna be in NOLA full time. 😎

  12. MichaelF says:

    I actually kept a New Year’s resolution this year…to have bacon and eggs and hashbrowns for breakfast yesterday.
    Figured I’d make one I could keep.

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