The Chasm Between the Saved and the Damned

So Eric Erickson made an ass out of himself today. That’s not surprising.What is surprising is this:

The topic of faith in Christ makes people cringe. But whether you believe it or not, here is the reality: beyond us is a world we cannot see with our eyes. It impacts us on a daily basis. It is a world of very real angels and very real demons. It is a world of a very real God and a very real Satan, a very real Heaven and a very real Hell.

The back and forth and accusations and lies surrounding Jared Loughner should be a constant reminder to us that there is more at play in our world than what we see. And, frankly, at times like this I am more and more mindful of the great chasm in this world between the saved and damned.

Because to be honest, I don’t give conservatives a lot of credit when it comes to faith. I tend to think most of them are just jerking off when they talk about Their Jesus, using Him like a get-out-of-jail-free card and a way to deflect the conversation. It’s why “the topic of faith in Christ” makes people cringe. It isn’t out of revulsion at Christ; even those who don’t worship Him seem to agree He’s a fairly decent sort of person who would be harmless if not for His asshole fan club. It’s at the transparency of your attempt to get us to stop talking about the dead hookers or the baby rabbits or whatever other sick shit you’re into by blithering on about how much you love some undead carpenter, like THAT is more normal.

But this? This is AWESOME.

Real angels and real demons fighting for our souls! A direct call-out to the Left Behind crew that MAYBE THE RAPTURE HAS ALREADY HAPPENED and now they all have to be Kirk Cameron and defend the Earth or whatever that bullshit was about. The chasm between the saved (conservatives, presumably, and people who drag Christ into conversations that don’t need His intervention, like, let the man sort His junk mail or whatever, already, sheesh) and the damned (liberals, I guess, and anybody who points out that faith in Christ doesn’t stop a speeding bullet) is now Our Earth, and what Erickson’s asking here is what side you’re on.

I personally would be inclined to be on the side that says all things being equal, the Zombie Apocalypse is the Zombie Apocalypse and I’mma stock up on dry goods at the store this weekend either way.


12 thoughts on “The Chasm Between the Saved and the Damned

  1. In Case Of Rapture, Your Un-Manned Car Will Look Pretty Damn Awesome In My Garage.

  2. … from the right… except when it is. Liberals are “enemies,” “dangerous,” etc. What’s a wacko gun nut to think about that?:
    That’s the cover of the latest Townhall magazine. BTW, Jon Stewart is #28. George Soros is #1. “Secret Agendas Exposed.” The gun nut thinks they’re conspiring to destroy him and/or his way of life, that’s what. Note, as well, the imagery from “The Godfather” in the upper right. That’s supposed to mean that liberals are gangsters, criminals, I guess. Certainly, it’s meant to suggest that they aren’t good citizens in equal standing with the right wing…
    Fuck `em all. Sideways.

  3. What’s so great about that is that Erickson takes his unverifiable fantasy andinsists that it is reality.
    If there’s a better distillation of the Republican mindset of the last 40 years, I haven’t seen it.

  4. The RePugniScums are jesusmongers. They are not true believers. They use religion to suck in the gullible. All of the jesusmongering hucksters, like James Dobson, are proud Conservatard/RePugniScum/Dirtbaggers.
    If there is a rapture the atheists will be the first to be greeted in heaven. Why? God will point out that they led a good and moral life without the crutches and scams the jesusmoners insisted were required to be a “good” person.

  5. MAYBE THE RAPTURE HAS ALREADY HAPPENED and now they all have to be Kirk Cameron and defend the Earth or whatever that bullshit was about.
    I think that would be the worst possible scenario. These apocalyptic avenging angels will no longer be content to simply try to get evolution yanked from school science classes, they will see the science teacher as a DEMON that they must VANQUISH.
    This is very bad.

  6. When will humans get over delusion? Most Muslims and Christians have no clue as to the origins of their beliefs nor the horsepucky therein. Jews are little better, but still delusional. Religion is made-up, feel good (or feel guilty) crap for power and control – period.

  7. Well, you’ve straightened me out there about the meaning of that attempted assassination.
    Had no idea he was the precursor to the events the Left Behinders were awaiting.
    Makes sense though, doesn’t it? No wonder Faux Snoozers jumped right in to defend the BushWhacked Impalingites.
    Everyone else is so together!
    Just another liberal scurrying to catch up to the clown bus,
    P.S. May I blogroll you?

  8. All I know is, I’ve got my zombie rifle cleaned, my bunker stocked, and none of you fuckers are allowed in. Praise Jesus.

  9. It almost sounds like he’s pimping some awesome video game you’ve just got to play, doesn’t it? Only it’sreal!
    As usual, right-wingers might burn the world down, but at least we can get a good laugh off them as we stock up for zombie apocalypse.

  10. Well, you’re right.
    The one thing I’ve noticed about many of these so-called Christians is their idea that since they “believe in Jesus,” they’ve got a sure-bet ticket to Heaven, no matter what they do…and no matter how reprehensible it is.

  11. Once someone decides that demons are really walking among us they invariably go on to tell you who the demons are and what needs to be done about them.
    Doesn’t it seem odd that no matter how concerned they seem to be about whoever they are demonizing at the mo they never seem to think there is anything for them to do about it but to continue demonizing others.
    If they believed what they were saying they would act on what they believe.

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