I Want To Have Chet’s Internet Baby


After the memorial service was over, I flipped to Fox News. There, I watched as Brit Hume, Charles Krauthammer and the other right-wing talkers praised the President for hitting all the right notes. But my Fox News-loving, right-wing Facebook friends were aghast. They were outraged. They seemed ready to overthrow our government.

We’ve gotcommenters here on NorthDecoder pointing to Michelle Malkin’s website’s summary of everything sketchy that’s ever been published by a basement-dwelling, cheetoh-eating, left-wing blogger or by a has-been comedienne, proclaiming, “You guys do it just as much!!!” Okay, yeah, sure, you got me. In this nation of 308,000,000 people, if your corporate master pays you to look really, really hard you can find a 100 out-of-the-mainstream, fringe-riding, left-wing crackpots who have said, written and/or photoshopped something crazy, violent and ridiculously offensive. But if you are willing to talk to me about the question of whether those 100 out-of-the-mainstream, fringe-riding, left-wing crackpots and their violent rhetoric can be compared, in any meaningful way, to the violent rhetoric of leading conservatives, leading Republican politicians and leading right-wing media personalities, who have millions of people listening to them, reading them, and watching them on TV all day, every day, then we might have something to talk about. But that’s a conversation they don’t want to have.

Yeah, when you’ve found yourself to the right of Charles Krauthammer and batshit crazy to boot, it’s time to get two friends to bungee you to a chair until you chill, and then go forth and be crazy no more.


6 thoughts on “I Want To Have Chet’s Internet Baby

  1. Jee bus I have a friend on Facebook like this. Every crackpot justification and false equivalency shows up from her. “Some anonymous Kos commentor said”. Yeah, get back to me when my not-politically-aware at all nephew recognizes their name, like he does Beck and Palin et all, and then we can talk.

  2. Our cowardly news media is the problem. Rather than take the chance of offending some of their major advertisers, and the corporation that owns their souls, they continue to treat right wing race baiting, lunatic baiting, calls to arms as being just like what the liberals do. Until the “free press” again becomes a free press, we will always have this problem.

  3. And when some hate-filled leftist shoots a Republican congressperson, get back to me.

  4. “The law, in it’s majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor from sleeping under bridges…” Similarly, Citizens United allows Corporation AND Unions to make unlimited political contributions as if both had equal resources.It depresses me that this crap is propagated and accepted at face value without even cursory analysis.

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