5 thoughts on “REM: End the End

  1. I caught them on the Green tour at the LSU Assembly Center. Awesome. Seems like a hundred years ago.

  2. OT, but riddle me this, adrastos: (I haven’t seen the point made anywhere)
    If Socialist President Obama destroyed the U.S. economy within minutes of taking office in 2009, just how the fuck was is possible for our Rep. John Fleming (R-Dumbass, LA) to make his shitpot of millions of dollars schlepping $7 sandwiches and sodas at his Subways and handling UPS packages?
    These are businesses he “oversees” from a distance while also banking $174,000 as a government looter and also skimming hundreds of thousands more from his medical practice.
    To hear the Republitards tell it, Obama murdered the U.S. economy in January 2009.
    Can anyone explain how a dimwit like Fleming makes so much fucking money in this Marxist/Fascist hell-hole that Obama created 2.5 years ago?

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