First Draft Fundraising Ends: Thank You All

Bucky is so happy you all donated so that he could afford this fine, fuzzy sweater.

In all seriousness, thank you all for supporting the site. I know that this is the worst economy in the history of the world, and so it means a lot to know that you think what we do here is worth your time and your generosity. You’ve made it possible for us to keep the lights on another year, to keep doing what we’re doing, and we couldn’t be more proud of our community of readers. 

Onward to what looks to be the weirdest election of all time.


5 thoughts on “First Draft Fundraising Ends: Thank You All

  1. Wait. I wanted video of you putting the sweater ON him. I imagine trying to put a turtleneck on one of my cats, and figure the ferret would be similar…
    Fuzzy sweater is nice, but when you said Bucky in a sweater, I expected a Badger hockey jersey!

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