Malaka Of The Week: The Guy Who Put This Billboard Up


Tim Tebow is a past “winner” of malaka of the week honors and now there’s somedouchey businessman in Denver who really, really wants Tebow to play. Either that or he wants some publicity and I’ve fallen into his trap. I don’t, however, have to mention his name; especially since he’s into exclamation points and pounding on the caps lock key, which are both evidence of egregious malakatude.

7 thoughts on “Malaka Of The Week: The Guy Who Put This Billboard Up

  1. I gotta tell you, the Malakatude Quotient amongst Donkos fans seems to be a lot higher than elsewhere…

  2. I get that there are ardent fans. That “fan” is short for “fanatic” (don’t know that for sure, but it sure sounds good).
    But putting up billboards? Do they think the coaching decisions are made with the goal of loosing the game?

  3. Maybe who he really wants is Andrew Luck! With Tebow starting, the Donkeys go 2-14 and get first pick!

  4. Well we play Denver today and I say go ahead and put him in especially when you have coaches recently saying forget about his terrible throwing mechanics…he still doesn’t even know how to line up right and take a snap from the center.
    The guy should thank Jebus he isn’t playing

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