This Will Create SHIT TONS of Jobs for Wisconsin

So very, very many people will want to move there now!

The same controversial bill that ended the ability of public employee unions (except firefighters and police unions) to collectively bargain for anything except cost-of-living wage increases said state workers must pay 5.8% of earnings for their pensions and 12.6% of health care costs.

For a full-time state worker buying family health care coverage, the Fiscal Bureau report said those changes meant:

$25,000-a-year worker: $2,828 more. This worker had been paying $1,118 (4.5% of salary) toward health care and pension, but that went up to $3,946 (15.8% of salary).

The $3,946 breaks down this way: $2,496 for health care and $1,450 for pension. Last year, the same worker paid $50 toward his or her pension and $1,068 for health care.

$50,000-a-year worker: $4,228 more. The employee had been paying $1,168 (2.3% of salary) for health care and pension benefits, but that is now $5,396 (10.8% of salary).

The $5,396 breaks down this way: $2,900 for his or her pension and $2,496 for health care. Last year, the employee paid $100 for pension and $1,068 for health care.

My mood is already shot to shit and it is MONDAY.


9 thoughts on “This Will Create SHIT TONS of Jobs for Wisconsin

  1. Did the WI Republican legislators really intend tonever get a single vote again from government workers, evah?
    WTF were they thinking? I mean really, WTF were they thinking? I cannot get my head around crap like this.
    I gave $25 dollars today to recalling Scott Walker.
    I don’t usually give to other states’ causes. But Ihad to give to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign, and Ihad to give to recall SWalker. Just couldn’t stop myself ;-}

  2. If they can eliminate government workers, they don’t need to worry about losing their votes. It’s simple math!

  3. I’d also bet that there will be changes to insurance plan(S) for which workers are paying more, higher copays, deductibles, etc.

  4. Yes. The health-care plans for next year include higher co-pays and deductibles. State employees are currently waiting for the other shoe to drop… the announcement of the compensation plan for next year… which many fear will include reductions in wages and leave time.

  5. The Rethugs will not be happy until they have absolutely and completely destroyed the middle class and them and their benefactors are the only ones with money and power.
    As far as Rethugs getting reelected, that god, guns and gays strategy works perfectly. They have no trouble getting all the votes they need from bigots and haters.

  6. There’s a small and deeply unworthy part of me that mocks some of the retired cops I know for believing that they can put down the DFHs in OWS with impunity because the banksters would never come after THEIR pension funds.

  7. my madison epal in the department of revenue, many near retirement booked early to escape the coming bullshit.
    i am sure more purges of experience in other departments.

  8. 25 k a year. I assume they statistically selected 25 k as being some sort of “typical” (median?)
    How many folks are needed in a family with 25k to put the family at poverty level?
    What about food stamps?
    I’m thinking in terms of shaming the WI gov and legislature.

  9. Oh, assuming that 25k is a typical number, then what percentage of WI govt employees will end up qualifying for food stamps, poverty, etc.

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