10 thoughts on “A Gentle Reminder

  1. All I’m saying is, it’s one thing to let broads vote, it’s another thing entirely to let them drive. I think that’s going just a bit too far. Wait: this is the Fox News:web site, right?

  2. I thought Cain was supposed to be Mr. Outspoken Tuff Guy — didn’t take him long to cave and walk back his “joke”, did it?

  3. The joke is on you! It’s obvious that Herman Caine’s campaign is a months-long shaggy dog story for an audience of millions –I’m waiting for the anti-punch line: “…and so he was appointed Ambassador to Mexico.”
    But I think this story has more legs yet.

  4. Whenever Republicans say something particularly nasty or racist that offends a lot of people, they claim “It was only a joke! Don’t you have any sense of humor?”

  5. I love that the candidate leading the polls for the Republican Party ran a pizza franchise that would be nobody’s first choice for pizza.

  6. Well , first of all, Republicans aren’t funny…the humor portion is usually atrophied by the very dense bone which comprises most of the Republican brain.
    But yeah, this’d be about right for what little humor Repubs do possess. Frying brown people and poor people alive? HI-LARIOUS!

  7. Thinking back to Obama running, if a lib floated pictures of Cain and Watermelon, dressed as a witch doctor, etc . and even put across the bottom in big letters, “This is a joke” – wonder what Faux News would say.

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