Autumn In New Orleans

We’re having our first cold snap of the fall. The weather this October has been great but we haven’t had a blast of Northern air until last night. The high today is 30 degrees less than Monday. It may not be much for our readers from the frozen North but I quite enjoyed breaking out my jeans jacket for the bus ride to the shop.

It’s easy to tell, on a semi-chilly day like today, who lives here: New Orleanians go OTT clothingwise when it cools off. I saw heavy fleece hoodies, wool sweaters, overcoats and boots galore on my way in. It’s not really that cold but some people insist on breaking out their winterware at the earliest opportunity.

I was punked by one of our readers the other day. He also follows mytwitter stream whereon I natter on about the weird shit that happens to French Quarter merchants. Anyway, this rather tall gent entered and made a crack about the astonishingly low doorknob and then asked “Where do I catch the ferry to Mexico?” I immediately smelled a rat but thought he’d been sent by my friendChef Mars whose life isn’t complete without messing with me. He runs a pretty classy eatery, Louisiana Bistro, so I’ve never retaliated in kind but I’ve been sorely tempted. As Bela Lugosi said inGlen Or Glenda: “Beware, take care.” That means you, Mars.

Louisiana is currently having the dullest statewide election in recent memory. The state Democratic party collapsed post-K and it has gotten worse in 2011: there are no major Democrats running for Gret Stetwide office. As recently as 2003, the Democrats were dominant. This weekend, Gov. PBJ will be re-elected and the only interesting race is for Lt. Gov. It’s a relatively powerless office but since PBJ is widely expected to skedaddle outta here as soon as he can it’s a more important contest than usual.

The Lt. Gov race features the old school semi-moderate Republican incumbent, Jay Dardenne, versus Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser. You may have seen Mr. Fat Fuck during the BP disaster, he spent the entire time chasing cameras and publicity. Anderson Cooper called him “America’s Bubba” but I call him a malaka. He’s supported by Bitter Vitter, which is appropriate because Nungesser was also a client of the Canal Street madam. And a cheap one: she swears that she had to go to his father to get paid.

Nungesser’s campaign has been relentlessly negative and teabagger oriented. His opponent’s main flaw is that he’s NOT insane. Since in some ways this is a shadow campaign for Governor in 2015, I’m planning to sigh deeply and vote for Dardenne. He’s not really my cup of political tea BUT in this climate, he’s the least bad Governor in waiting that we could have. He also won thevile puns category in the Bulwer bad writing contest in 2005 and rumor has it that I like puns. I haven’t a clue as to where that rumor started. I’ve never taken in roomers so it can’t be that…

Okay, time to circle back to the weather and post two of my favorite change of seasons tunes by two of my favorite bands, the Kinks and Squeeze:

14 thoughts on “Autumn In New Orleans

  1. It got pretty chilly and misty here in the other “NOLA” (North La.) last night. Whatta nice change following such a brutal, dry summer.
    Vitter’s Madame actually went after Nungesser’s old man for payment? Never heard that, but that is some awesome gossip!
    I guess we’ll have to infer from this is that Vitter’s a kinky bastard, but he’s not a dead beat john?

  2. I’m still not sure if I’ll bother to vote forAssistant Manager Lt. Governor, though Nungesser is certainly the vilest slimebag since…Diaper Dave.
    Funny, just like Dave did last year, he’s running “but my opponent wants to kiss illegal immigrants on the mouth” commercials, at least here in Red Stick. Meanwhile, lesser-of-evils Jay claims he adheres to “the Reagan style of government.”
    Sigh. It is a really boring election season. Maybe the only small comfort is that the Manships and Guaranty Corp. or whoever owns WAFB these days won’t have quite as many campaign advertising dollars to stuff into their pockets. Poor dears: how will they afford the extra servants come the holidays?

  3. They do the same in Honolulu when the temp dips into the seventies. Except they have no polar fleece to speak of so they break out the long sleeves.

  4. Y’all – it’s a half-truth blown into cosmic proportion by the Lucianne crowd. I don’t like it; it’s not good, but it’s not apocalypse now, either.
    “Secondhand stores,” in this law, specifically exempt nonprofits, garage sales, most flea markets, etc. It’s aimed at pawn shops and scrap yards that frequently truck in stolen goods (particularly copper pipe and auto parts). And it’s unclear whether it regulates the transaction both ways (it’s poorly written), but it seems as if you can purchase from a secondhand dealer using cash or money order… but he or she must cut you a check and see ID to pay you.
    As far as outlawing legal tender – courts have ruled that there are exceptions to using cash, the primary example of which is the apocryphal guy who shows up to pay a fine with a wheelbarrow of pennies. But it also extends to things like cashless flights on airlines; they can’t be forced to take your fiver for a can of Heineken. So there are exceptions.
    None of this is to say it’s anything less than shitty law and shouldn’t be struck down, but at least the facts are: it doesn’t apply to many of the situations one can imagine. It’s not going to put the local Goodwill out of business.

  5. I live in NOLA not but grew up in the Bay Area, so the quirk you describe amuses me. To me it’s still shorts & t-shirt weather but all those around me are throwing on furs. Poor little Louisiana hothouse orchids.

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