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It comes fromJohn Dickerson’s account at Slateof the latest in the endless series of GOP debates. I included the set-up and have bold faced the winning line:

When Perry interrupted him, Romney suggested that if he wanted to be president he’d need to allow others to talk. “This has been a tough couple of debates for Rick,” said Romney at another point.Perry’s jaw clenched so tight that if he’d had a piece of coal in there, it’d now be a diamond.

10 thoughts on “Line of the day

  1. Not sure why anyone would think “if he wanted to be president he’d need to allow others to talk.”
    Unlike Shrubby, apparantly.
    “Texas Stupid”: the biggest in the USA. Alaska excepted.

  2. Can we just put them all in a large cage w/nothing but a knife apiece and let them all just duke it out…some would gank others, and many would just fall on their own point by accident. It would solve the rethuglican problem. Any survivors would be so cut up – they wouldn’t be capable of withstanding an election.

  3. Great line. I thought for a second Perry really might take a swing at him.
    Romney neutered him when he reached over into Perry’s space and touched his arm. And Perry didn’t know how to react.
    I think they thought they were being all macho, but it was more like two aging divas on some ’80s nighttime soap.

  4. I’ll give this to Rick Perry: it wouldn’t shock me to see the dumbass stick a piece of coal in his mouth.

  5. @greg: It’s been a long time since I saw that flick. Oh well, if you steal something swipe it from something good. Now where are my class cutting shades?

  6. Romney is a dumbass. Perry’s campaign is on fire so the brilliant Romney decides to piss on him. Now Perry isn’t on fire but remembers both the fire and the piss. Governor Yahoo T. Shitkicker is going to unload 10 million dollars of negative campaigns against Romney now and feel good doing it.

  7. Coal in his mouth. No way ! Being from Texas, Perry is for big oil, not coal.
    Of course, the slogan writes itself – we don’t need yet another idiot from Texas.
    Or as Leno said a few days ago, the Obama 2012 campaign took another hit today when Palin announced that she wouldn’t run.

  8. @MapleStreet: Perry is for all forms of industrial pollution. He’d be just as happy to sell his ass to big coal as big oil.

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