If only the Internet would stop destroying journalism:

David Bauder reports that ABC’s “soft news” includes a greater emphasis on health, medicine and family stories — content that is a match for the “World News” audience, which is 60 percent female.

“World News” Executive Producer Michael Corn tells Bauder “the broadcast reflects Sawyer’s sense of curiosity and adventure … It does more on health matters, for example, because health has a real impact on people’s lives.”

As for that news that women supposedly want, apparently when they say “women” they really mean “rich mommies with no health problems at all,” because this is a sampling of headlines fromABC News’s Health section:

Sweethearts Tend to Hit the Sweets

Brain Imaging Sheds Light on Math Anxiety

Halloween Perils for Pets

South Park’s Mr. Hankey as Rectal Cancer Mascot

Should parents monitor college kids’ Facebook pages for signs of alcohol abuse?

‘Maybe-Baby’ Mindset Can Put Mom and Baby in Harms Way

About half the stories are about not fucking up your kids, MOM. Dad, of course, having nothing to do with the parenting, much less actually worrying about the kids’ health. That’s for the chicks to think about.

Other stories feature menopause, breast cancer and pap smears, just to reinforce the idea that the only things women have to worry about becoming sick from are their reproductive organs. All you ladies with lung cancer and heart disease? Better wait for a rich and/or famous woman to make those “women’s health” issues. All you girls out there debilitated by asthma, MS, leukemia? Those stories won’t let us show a mammogram on TV, so whatever, deal with it on your own.


ps. That last is a particularlyrepulsive story about how if you’re not totally concentrating on getting pregnant and making your body a sacred vessel, you might pickle your infant by pouring a splash of red into your spaghetti sauce. Stop drinking five years before you plan to get pregnant, you whores!

One thought on “HEALTH BEAT!

  1. Dare I mention the possible sexist slant both that broads like health stories and the fluff of the stories?
    Tonight the ABC news was that we are using more antidepressants today (400% of 20 years ago) and the rate is twice in women than in men. Resisting the urge to pull a double post hoc and rewrite the headline that depression increased during the GWB years (well depression does go up during tough economic times). They seemed to totally miss that the antidepressant drugs have improved dramatically with the newer ones starting with Prozac – about 20 years ago.
    While I’m worked up, what about the newest fad in TV News using a good part of the 30 minutes to tell which of their facebook / web pages were looked at the most yesterday, get on facebook to vote on which of 3 stories you’d like them to report on tomorrow, and be sure to make your voice heard by commenting on the stories on their web page?

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