4 thoughts on “Imagining the Fox News Reaction

  1. I think the tea partiers were all at home in bed with their guns under their pillow by ten so there was no risk of arrest for being in a public park.

  2. This is simple to understand: the Tea Party was financially supported by the same corporate interests that control the government, and their goal was the entrenchment of the status quo. They represented to threat to wealth and power; they were allowed to do as they wished and celebrated by Faux News and the other imitators and wanna-bes in media land.
    In contrast, the 99% Movement is completely opposite, and therefore everything that wealth despises: 1) democratic; 2) working class; 3) egalitarian; 4) advocates real change in the social/economic structure of the nation; 5) not supported by corporate money; 6) not aligned with either of the corrupt political parties; 7) difficult for the media to describe in simplistic and moronic terms for Faux News sheep. Money controls politicians; politicians control the police; police try to shut down the protests. The fact that they are trying to shut it down means that the movement is working and wealth power is worried enough to move against it.

  3. Exactly!!!
    Aslo, as the Occupy Wall St. folks are asking for more limits on the financial services industry and the Tea Party is pushing for less govt regulation, why aren’t the Tea Baggers labeled as the Anarchists?

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